Is it possible to grow taller?

can you get taller?

The quick answer is probably not because…

After your teens or after the age of 20-to-25 you stop growing unless you have some glandular problem and don't blame your parents for how tall you are because…

Your height is based on many different genetic factors (this being the reason why some tall people have short parents) but overall…

You are more than likely to be short if most of the people in your family are short on average but…

It is possible to maximize your growth potential by…

You can get taller thru surgery but…

The surgery cost up to 150,000 dollars and it's a very painful process that basically requires your legs to be broken allowing them to get longer and even after that procedure is successful…

You have to wait 6 months to walk again and up to a year for the bones to harden and…

I doubt insurance companies will cover this expensive procedure for cosmetic reasons unless you got it for a deformity.

4 'Grow taller' methods that do not work…

1. Stretching

Some people think you can increase your height by stretching which is ridiculous if you just use logic and understand that when you stretch…

You are stretching your muscles and not your bones and even those who claim the stretching works only report gaining ¼ inch in height and they could've got that extra inch wearing the right pair of shoes and…

One stretching exercise some people use to increase height requires you to hang from a bar (like in a pull-up) but…

I can easily debunk that because I myself have done thousands of pull-ups in my lifetime where I hang constantly and I can tell you I have not seen a major height increase.

2. Glucosamine & chondroitin

Glucosamine & chondroitin are helpful in preventing joint pain and strengthening joints (and even that is disputed) but I doubt they will assist in making you any taller because…

I personally been taking joint supplements on and off for years to maintain healthy joints and I have not noticed any difference in my height.

3. Visualization/ Hypnosis

The claim here is simply that if you can visualize, dream or see yourself as being taller that in itself will make you taller but…

If you really believe that saying "I will be taller" over and over every morning will make you taller then go for it!

4. Magic pills/supplements

Just like those pills that claim they can increase the size of a man's penis are BS…

The same goes for ANY pill claiming that you can increase your height just by taking it and whenever someone is trying to sell you some 'Grow Taller' method and they claim they added 1-to-4 inches in height…

Ask them if they gained those 1-to-4 inches during puberty or after the age of 20-to-25 because if they gained it during puberty then the 1-to-4 inches gain was more than likely going to happen anyway and…

Even if they gained 1-to-4 inches after their 20's then be highly skeptical since it's virtually impossible to natural grow taller in your 20's because your growth plates have fused together.

Make sure you also see…

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I'm 5'6 my age is 19 can I still grow or any pills to grow height ?please suggest !

February 13, 2016


hai i am 20 years old i am 155cm now needed 165 so plzz give me a good way

February 09, 2016


Girl, 13 and turning 14 on april. It's been a year and im still 4'11" and a half. Like really. My mom's 5'3" and my dad's 5'11". Will i get any taller at all?

February 06, 2016


You're pretty much stuck with whatever your parents gave you. I've turn to height insoles and shoe lifts, I get mine from

January 04, 2016


Plz yaar sir koi ESA product btao na jisse meri gf ki height badh jaay vo 4.9 ki hai.
Or height ki kami ki waja se mere Ghar wale nhi maan rhe

December 27, 2015


Dear sir. I'm 18 years old and I'm about 1.71 cm and I really like to grow a little bit taller I hope you can help me

December 20, 2015


5 foot 6 or 171 cm is actually above average for a male. Average height of a male in USA and Canada is 5 foot 5 inches. Why would you want to grow taller? Tall people are considered a freal type of show

January 25, 2016


I have 32 year, now I am 189cm, I was 186cm at 25.

+3cm from 25 to 30.

My friends notice same, 1-2 cm from high school.

We used something..

November 27, 2015


Pls help my age is 21 i my hieght is 158.25cm i want to grow 163-165cm.pls help me.thank you

January 10, 2016


Hello , could you please tell me what you used or where did you buy it? Thank you so much. Please feel free to contact me on my email or add me on Facebook as Llerena Jettro

February 05, 2016


l have 27 year , possible gros after 25 year


October 29, 2015


I'm 18 years old. My height is 5'2. I want to grow 3-4 inches more. Plz help me. .....

October 19, 2015


My age is 21 i want to grow 4 to 5 inches long

August 25, 2015


Sir m 21, my height is 5, I wanna grow at least 3-4. inches more......its a kind request plz help me....
Than you

August 15, 2015


I m 19 years old.... And my present height is 5.1 inches, I want grow up more maximum 5.5 at least!! Please help me sir kindly request u... Looking forward your prompt reply....
Thank you :)

July 25, 2015


U may add some nutrition food like milk, fish in u r diet do some skipping regularly. Try it I have done and gain some, it May work for u.

November 13, 2015


Anamike average height for females is 5 foot 2 inches 5 feet 1 inch is a very good height for a female its close to average. % foot 5 female is on the tall side and at that height if you wore high heels you would be 5 foot 10 inches and people would stare at you. 5 foot 1 is a great height for a girl

January 25, 2016


Sir am 23 years hieght is 5.2. & weight 55. Am disappointed a lot while examine my height. I suppose to do puul ups evry day I did not get ne change s plz suggst me how to increase my height.....

July 15, 2015


guys... i am 23 yrs old... n m 5'8" tall... i wanna grow taller ... nt 5 inches o sumtin.. its a fantasy.. bt atleast by 2 to 3 inches.. is it possible... please lemme knw... i badly wanna grow taller

May 27, 2015


Sleep alot bruh. And drink a lot of hormone milk I went from 5 feet 9 to about 2 months of sleeping 10 hours a day

August 09, 2015


Khader, how old were you when you began trying to sleep 10 hours a day and what type of milk did you drink? Yours is a very interesting story.

September 03, 2015


height of male is 5 foot 5 your 3 inches taller than the average male. why would you want to grow more? You are a tall guy

January 25, 2016


I can’t tell you how many supplements I went through trying to find something that actually works. Growth-Sinerama Wmx ( search on google ) does exactly what it says it’s going to do and doesn’t make drinking it a chore by tasting terrible. Rich, thick, and flavorful, this is by far the tastiest growth supplement I’ve tried to date, and boy does it work!

May 16, 2015


My age is 21 is thr possible of height increasing

May 15, 2015

ravi shankar singh

hiii my age is 17 year and my height is 5'8 and I want to increase my height more 5 inches. what should I do?????????

April 17, 2015


average male is 5 foot 5 inches. Your very tall in my opinion for a male. % inches more you will be 6 feet tall you don't want to be that tall that's a freak show height

January 25, 2016


m 21 years old...n ma height is 4.8 I tried Everything bt it's nt working.. So pls suggest me some effective thing to do.

April 13, 2015

Vice Ganda

My height is 5'5 but the self confidence gave me another new personality in life height is not the factor to give you a beautiful life keep your personality happy because some people did not want to be taller like me I started to boxing and now ill compete to represent my country just be think positive :D

March 24, 2015

nerson hazowary

My age is 21 yr. I want to incresed my height...sir....please ..please to increase my height

March 20, 2015

zaw myo

is there anyone who have used grow taller 4 idiots?Plz tell me the results if you can.

March 18, 2015


I'm 19 yrs old ri8 nw n my height is 5'3.My mother n father both are taller they r lyk 5'8 n 5'10 den y should m shorter???.i hv to increase 6 inches more....what cn i do??? Iz there any supplements there widout any side effects??....

February 26, 2015


Hello Adrian,
I am currently 18 years old and my waist is 31 but when I measure my buttocks and thighs, its 41. Can you tell me how to get rid of such fat?

February 25, 2015


i will be 19 on 14 march of this year. i have to be 5.3 between 5mnths nw i m 4.10.5inch plz help me

February 20, 2015

Short guy

Can someone who tried grow taller 4 idiots and did the program completely, tell me that it worked for them. And also tell me that the company isn't paying them to say that it "worked"

February 12, 2015


Contact me if you wanna find out, I used it ;).

February 27, 2015

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