Is it possible to grow taller?

can you get taller?

The quick answer is probably not because…

After your teens or after the age of 20-to-25 you stop growing unless you have some glandular problem and don't blame your parents for how tall you are because…

Your height is based on many different genetic factors (this being the reason why some tall people have short parents) but overall…

You are more than likely to be short if most of the people in your family are short on average but…

It is possible to maximize your growth potential by…

You can get taller thru surgery but…

The surgery cost up to 150,000 dollars and it's a very painful process that basically requires your legs to be broken allowing them to get longer and even after that procedure is successful…

You have to wait 6 months to walk again and up to a year for the bones to harden and…

I doubt insurance companies will cover this expensive procedure for cosmetic reasons unless you got it for a deformity.

4 'Grow taller' methods that do not work…

1. Stretching

Some people think you can increase your height by stretching which is ridiculous if you just use logic and understand that when you stretch…

You are stretching your muscles and not your bones and even those who claim the stretching works only report gaining ¼ inch in height and they could've got that extra inch wearing the right pair of shoes and…

One stretching exercise some people use to increase height requires you to hang from a bar (like in a pull-up) but…

I can easily debunk that because I myself have done thousands of pull-ups in my lifetime where I hang constantly and I can tell you I have not seen a major height increase.

2. Glucosamine & chondroitin

Glucosamine & chondroitin are helpful in preventing joint pain and strengthening joints (and even that is disputed) but I doubt they will assist in making you any taller because…

I personally been taking joint supplements on and off for years to maintain healthy joints and I have not noticed any difference in my height.

3. Visualization/ Hypnosis

The claim here is simply that if you can visualize, dream or see yourself as being taller that in itself will make you taller but…

If you really believe that saying "I will be taller" over and over every morning will make you taller then go for it!

4. Magic pills/supplements

Just like those pills that claim they can increase the size of a man's penis are BS…

The same goes for ANY pill claiming that you can increase your height just by taking it and whenever someone is trying to sell you some 'Grow Taller' method and they claim they added 1-to-4 inches in height…

Ask them if they gained those 1-to-4 inches during puberty or after the age of 20-to-25 because if they gained it during puberty then the 1-to-4 inches gain was more than likely going to happen anyway and…

Even if they gained 1-to-4 inches after their 20's then be highly skeptical since it's virtually impossible to natural grow taller in your 20's because your growth plates have fused together.

Make sure you also see…

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I'm 19 yrs old and my height is 5'4 can I gain more 3 or 4 inches please suggest me some exercise or any other ways to increase my height....Please Sir

April 09, 2017


I am 20 years old and I'm 5'4 are there any possible ways to increase growth. I want to increase my height by 5'8 is there any possible ideas...plzz help me..

April 04, 2017


I'm 33 5:8 can make 6?

April 02, 2017


I am 14 and in the 8th grade i am about 5'6 or 5'7 is that average i really hope when im 18 im at least 6'0

March 20, 2017

Ditya Andrean

Hi all, i'm 19 yo but i'll reach 20 on april and i'm 5' 6". Please help me to grow taller than now

March 02, 2017


I'm a 18 year old male, I'm around 5,10/5,11. 2 more inches would be perfect. Most of the friends are taller than me, hope I reach atlesst 6ft

February 19, 2017


I'm 19yrs old and I'm 4'9". I'm so short for my age T_T I'm already a graduating college student but I look like a grade 7 student. I'll reach 20 on October. Help me please? How I will be able to become taller? I want to achieve at least 5'4" or 5'5". It will help a lot. How I will do it?

February 18, 2017


i am 5'1and 20 years old. I want to add some inches to my height as my cousins r really tall and i am the only one with short stature.
plz someone who can tell some good way from this .

February 04, 2017


am 6 '2' with shoes 6'3'and am 19 can I reach a max height of 6'5' or 6'4'?

January 07, 2017


my boi u do not need to grow any taller. chill

February 16, 2017


seriously fuck you dude

-all short people

March 20, 2017


I'm 15 and I'm only 5'8. Is there any chance I could be 5'10?

January 02, 2017


I'm 19 but soon to be 20 this coming June 2017. I'm 5'3 but I want to increase my height 2 inches or more before I hit 20. How can I do it? I only have 5 months bfore i hit my 20's.

January 02, 2017


Hey friend ....increasing height takes around 4 to 6 months per inch.When I was 19 my height was 5"5 it took me one year to reach 5"7. If you want some tips or want some sort of challenge , you may contact me. BEST of luck :)

February 01, 2017


how please

February 05, 2017

Ashmita Gupta

Sir my age is 20 and my height is 5.0 please give some suggestions to increase the height.

February 12, 2017


How ? What will be the exercise?

February 22, 2017


How.. Tell me please m 5.4 ..want to increase by 2-3 inches... M 19 year old girl

February 25, 2017


Brother my friend please help ME I Am in dire need help me now

February 25, 2017


Hi my name is Desiree I'm 17 and 4'8 I want to be atleast 4'11 how can I increase my height please help

March 27, 2017


Heyyyy HASHIT SAINI please please please please please help meeee to grow taller where can I contact you ??

April 01, 2017



April 01, 2017


yo plz.... need it....

April 02, 2017


sir my whatsapp number +923052118226 plz contact me.

April 02, 2017

Aina lee

Please please... share with us... im almost 18 y/o and 5'3.. im hoping i could reach 5'5. I have tried many methods
except for surgery but they didnt work. Thank you

April 12, 2017


Hello my name is jude
I'm 20 years old I've been suffering from my tall from a long time hope u can help me with some tips.
Thank you

April 14, 2017


PLLZZZZZZZZZZZ help me out of this! I am 20 years male 5.2inches height and 45 kg weight willllll you help me to increase my height .!.! I'm feeling shy of my favorite ,so plz plz help me out of it 😂😤😱😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

January 01, 2017

say my

Do not worry about your height because person ability is enough prove that where that person stands and not hi height.

January 24, 2017


Hi, I am 22 years old and I am 5'1...all my younger cousins are taller and are growing taller than me...want to at least grow a few more inches....any advice?

December 30, 2016


Hi I'm Rome. I'm 5'4 and I'm 22,yr old, most ppl in my family from my mom side are tall but my mom and aunt and from my dad's side most uncles are about 5'9, my cousins are about 5'8 average I'm probably the shortest guy in the family. Is it possible to grow a few inches more or I'm done, i stopped growing when I was about 13 or 14. Plz I need an answer and what can I do to help myself

December 27, 2016


hi,i am nearly 21 years old and my height is 5' there any chances of growth? if there is something i can do to improve it please tell me the whole procedure.please help me on this,i m feeling so unconfident now. plzz do reply

December 24, 2016


nah bro. only live.

December 25, 2016


Im 20 years old ....i am 5.6 feet long ...i want to increase my height by 2 inches .
So is it possible in my age.
Waiting for urs gr8 reply boss....

December 18, 2016

osman arju

hello I am 163cm and 20 years old August it will 21. I want to became 166cm-68cm is it possible.

December 07, 2016


Ok I'm 20 just turn but I'm 5'2 I want get taller , I did alot in my young age I was an athele workout all the time but I ask why I never grew inches. I hate being short hoping get 5'8 my goal . plzz help I really hate being short

December 06, 2016

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