By Adrian Bryant

Eat Slowly, Eat Less & Lose More Weight

eat slow weigh less

When it comes to nutrition, we always get stuck on "what to eat?" and "how much to eat?" We spare a lot of time obsessing over fitness plans and guide lines to eat healthy and nutritious.

Although we are familiar with the basic tips of consuming High Fiber Carbohydrates, Protein based meals every few hours, having healthy fats and enjoying all types of food in moderation, we often overlook that "How Much" should we eat

Scarfing down your food is not just considered as ill-mannered, it may end up with surprising effects on your goals and achievements. It is a total turn-off and you should start correcting it. It is absolutely essential to control the amount of food you eat.

Swiftly eating calories in excessive amounts can make you feel bloated so you should meticulously count the calory intake and slow down the eating speed, and once you get the signal from the stomach that "I'm full" - Stop Eating and divert yourself to other activity.

Listen To Your Body

When you eat food or drink anything, your brain reacts to the chemicals released. It takes around 20 minutes to register those chemicals. The level continues to rise over 10 to 30 minutes after your meal. They remain elevated for 3-5 hours following the meal, leaving you sated. As the chemical level falls, the feeling of hunger returns and as it increases, your hunger will dissipate.

The feeling of fullness actually tells your body that you've had enough and stop eating.

Researchers from Texas performed a study on the basis of two phases : "Fast Phase" and "Slow Phase" and found that…

Fast Eaters

Slow Eaters

The fast eaters consumed 99 more calories than slow eaters

If you are also used to eating this way daily or probably 2-3 times a day, it may negatively affect you and your body structure.

Fast Eaters also were reported to feel hungry sooner than the slow eaters. This was because slow group drank more amount of water than Fast group. Our stomach basically counts on the volume rather than calories. So drinking water fills up your tummy and lessens the chances of feeling hungry.

Simple Tips to Slow Down Eating

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