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the Best Exercise for Bigger, Broader Shoulders

Besides giving you bigger, broader shoulders,

3 Steps to Get strong enough to do Handstand Push-ups

Step 1

Start off walking ½ way or even ¼ way up the wall if you're unable to walk into a full handstand.

Step 2

Step 3

Start doing handstand push-ups

Start off doing handstand push-ups coming ¼ of the way down by placing boxes or other objects under your head (see video above) working your way up to a FULL range handstand push-up.

If you're unable to do a handstand push-up coming of the way down then start off doing decline push-ups,

Handstand workout for Bigger, Broader Shoulders

Do 6-to-12 sets of 6-to-20 reps 1-to-2 days per week.

Superset handstand push-ups with pull-ups to work almost every muscle in your upper body.

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