Tai Chi Gets You Moving Again

According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 500 million people globally who are medically obese (BMI 30) and the United States and Mexico have obesity rates that are growing at a rate of 4%-5% per year. In some countries however obesity rates have slowed and, in some cases like England, Hungary, Italy, Korea and Switzerland, even dropping.

But there are some rays of sunlight in these depressing statistics. If people would simply regulate their diet and find a good exercise program they could be among the 150,000 people who will not die from this problem.

The is one of the world's premier health and fitness clinics and, according to the staff at the clinic the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi is one of the best exercises for losing weight and is especially effective when combined with proper diet. One of the main reasons for the effectiveness of Tai Chi is that it can be used by people recovering from injuries or people with chronic medical conditions such as arthritis and heart conditions.

But why does Tai Chi work so well as a weight loss program? That question is a lot simpler to answer than most people believe. While Tai Chi is a martial art it has been used for millennium by the Chinese for medical therapy as well. Tai Chi training has the benefit of being:

Because many people suffer from weight issues that are the result of a medical problem, either chronic pain or injury, Tai Chi is used extensively for treating these patients. These problems create weight issues mostly because of loss of flexibility and/or balance. Tai Chi encourages movement that is relaxing and teaches you how to walk gracefully and with as little energy use as possible.

Efficiency in movement is the key.

An excellent example and very simple exercise to test this assertion is called "Rooster on One Leg" or "Golden Cock" which gives increased static balance and strengthens the quads, ankles, and rectus abdominus, oblique’s, hip flexors and anterior deltoid and stretches the back muscles:

Exercises like this improve the effects of many diet programs because they burn calories but turning fat into well developed, well rounded and well balanced muscle by evenly distributing the energy in your body.

Rebuilding a Solid Foundation

In many cases a person’s excess weight is concentrated in the legs, hips and stomach, which will cause problems in both flexibility and balance. Tai Chi has very few high kicks and most of those are in Chen style, but the Crescent Kick is a very effective exercise for restoring muscle to the legs thereby reducing excess mass. You can do both the inside Crescent Kick and the outside Crescent Kick to develop balance, flexibility in your entire legs and fat reduction:

Weight reduction begins with foundation building. Tai Chi, with its slow, gentle movements reduce fat by replacing it with muscle, refocusing your natural energies and reducing many of the causes of excessive weight gain such as stress and chronic pain.

When paired with proper diet and mediation Tai Chi allows dieters or anyone interested in improving their health, to not only lose weight in a healthy way, but to rebalance their entire body and prevent future problems.

Author Bio: Dan Kleiman teaches Tai Chi and qigong to adults looking to slow down, relax, and improve their health. Try more of these practices through Dan's free email-based course and you will have more energy in the next 30 days than you’ve had in the last year. http://dankleiman.com/tai-chi-weight-loss/

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