From Fat Ass To Bad Ass

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Follow this 4-Step workout routine To replace your fat with Bigger Muscles…

  1. Do 8-to-12 reps of any exercise from Group 1 here on this page & then immediately without any rest…
  2. Do 8-to-12 reps of any exercise from Group 2 here on this page & then if you want to…
    • Repeat steps 1 & 2 up to TWO more times so…
    • You'll do steps 1 & 2 back-to-back a total of 1-to-3 times and then immediately without any rest…
  3. Do a short 4 minute interval workout so…
  4. Rest for 0-to-60 seconds &…

You'll keep repeating steps 1-thru-4 for 15-to-30 minutes &…

Here's a more visual example of the 4-step 'bad ass' workout…

Step 1
push ups
Do 8-to-12 reps of any exercise from Group 1
(Push-ups in this example)

Step 2
bent over dumbbell row
Do 8-to-12 reps of any exercise from Group 2
(Bent over rows in this example)

Step 3
Jumping Jacks
Do a 4 min. interval workout from Group 3
(Jumping Jacks in this example) 

Step 4 
REST up to 60 seconds &…
Keep repeating all 4 setps for 15-to-30 minutes

Group 1:

Group 2

Group 3

More workouts to get you ripped…

Click on photos to start doing a workout

Make sure you also see…

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There are 32 comments

Excited to get do this tomorrow on a Monday, Wednesday,Friday cycle, former football player and a pt always looking for a new way to whoop my own ass. What's your diet and supplements in such a wo? Going to use core fury pre, core abc for bcaa intra and protein post. How bout you my brother? Supplements are always supplemental but thought I'd ask. Keep doin your thang

January 04, 2017

Adrian Bryant

best supplements i recommend

January 04, 2017


Can I do 2 sets of clean & press (which is in group 1 & group 2 workout) with rest 30 seconds in between, 4 min bike interval workout from group 3, rest 60 seconds, and repeating all over again until 15-30 minutes?

November 09, 2014

Adrian Bryant

oh yes, that'll be much more intense but effective?

November 09, 2014


Would this workout still be effective if I do like cardio during the day such as playing basketball and then I start this 4 step workout in the evening like 6:00 pm - so doing weights(group 1& 2) and then cardio which is group 3.Yeah so would this workout still work with two sessions of cardio ? I'm not sure cuz I know that you should do cardio after weights.

July 02, 2014

Adrian Bryant

it will still work regardless but the question you need to ask is... "do i have enough in the tank to do all that?"

July 03, 2014


Hey, Im just giving u a suggestion, im not a weight trainer or anything but If you do basketball for a long period of time and do Adrian's workout like twice since you want to, you will burn alot of fat in less than a month and see a big difference. I know this because i have guy friends who play basketball everyday and they look like sticks now but it didnt take them that long hahahahahahaha. :D

July 09, 2014



Approx how many calories will I burn doing fatass to badass workout .Just started it and don't mind saying it's kicking my butt .im doing it 30 mins mon weds and fri ride bike 20 mins Tuesday and Thursday lost 30lbs so far want to lose 70 lbs more thanks for your help I'm trying to track everything to stay focused I've carried this xtra weight for ten years now and am determined to be one of your success. Stories

Sincerely mark

June 10, 2014

Adrian Bryant

good job!!!!

June 11, 2014


Could you recommend an exercise for group 2 that doesnt require any form of accessory (weights, pull up bar, etc...).

April 04, 2014

adrian bryant

yes, dips and pull-ups can be done for group 2

April 05, 2014


Dear Adrian,

I need your advice on this. I'm 24 yrs old, I weigh 83 Kg and I'm 1.84 meters tall... I started dieting like a month ago and I also started consuming the Twinlab Liquid Amino Fuel (Mass), I'm pretty much satisfied with the results but I really need to look ripped to the max and I don't wanna lose any muscle mass throughout the process... I bought a pack of animal cuts to aid me through my journey and maximize fat burning as I heard that it is a great fat loss product. I just wanted to ask you that if I should take animal cuts along with the liquid amino for a month and a half (I'm not fat at all I just need to get ripped and lose some stubborn belly fat and also some on my chest as all the rest is perfectly fine). What would be the best workout plan for me during that month when I introduce animal cuts to not lose muscle mass and get so ripped and start revealing my six pack abs? If I calculated right all I need to lose is like 2-2.5% body fat during that time.

October 30, 2013


How can I add abs workout?

June 02, 2013

Adrian Bryant

go here

June 03, 2013


Hello Adrian,

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm sort of a beginner and I was wondering what exercise i need to do to lose weight and gain muscle. I'm overweight but there are many of your workout there I wanted to find out what works the best. I wanted to do the fat ass to bad ass, but do you do it only 30 mins even if you don't complete the group or you do it till you finish it? also the food question before each meal you said to take 2 raw vegs and drink whey protein I use EAS building muscle recovery protein is that good? and should i always drink the whey protein before the meal? Thanks again.

April 16, 2013

Adrian Bryant

it will be best if you just follow this plan here to lose fat and get muscle

April 17, 2013


I am 5' 10" 265 pounds. I have ok muscle tone but a good bit of belly fat. My goal is to have a build like the picture on the fat ass to bad ass cover. Do i need to do that workout by itself or add the ripped in 6 weeks workout with it. And if so how should i schedule it. Thanks in advance BEAR.

April 12, 2013

Adrian Bryant

you should do this workout as part the get ripped workout here

April 13, 2013


hey adrian i lost a lot of weight from this workout but know i am wondering i used to do this 3 times a week but i stopped a while but luckily i have not gained any weight but im about to start again so if i did this workout 4-5 times a week would i get the six pack body i want

April 11, 2013

Adrian Bryant

yes but I would do this workout as part of this plan here and as you lose more fat you will be able to see your six pack

April 13, 2013


Hi im 5'11 and 266 i need to be 192 to get in tha navy I work out for 20 min on the treadmill running non stop and then lift a few weights but it seems like I cant loose weight fast enough wat is some good advice for me to loose weight and get ripped and toned

March 08, 2013


I workout on a regular basis and needed a change a pace to jolt my body. This is a great change of pace for me. Thanks a million!!!!


February 20, 2013


Hi Adrian,

Two questions:
1. When standing up straight (I suppose at all times) my right shoulder is considerably lower than my left. I don't believe it's an orthopedic issue, I don't have any pain or problems. My left side is stronger than my right. Do you have any experience or suggestions on how to possibly correct this?
2. I am 41, 5'5", 164#, 37%bf (goal bf is 17%). I started a 30# in 90 days challenge on 2/7, I'm down 4# today! I am keeping a food journal on "Lose It", thanks for the suggestion in one of your posts. I'm choosing to cut calories until I'm out of school in early May, then start lifting. I eat clean just under 1000 calories and intend to lower it 100 cal. each time 10# is gone. My nutrient ratio is 45c, 35p, 20f. I do take a daily, 1 mile walk wearing a 16# weighted vest and pushing 110# in a double stroller (weight of stroller and 2 kids). Do you see anything wrong with this plan? Is my losing fat ass gonna go in starvation mode? I appetite feels satisfied. Doing a 20 minute weight routine is feasible (time wise). I just don't know how to figure how much I'm burning. Thank you for any suggestions. Kimberly

February 14, 2013

Adrian Bryant

1. are you left handed

2. do not worry about starvation mode but worry about gaining weight back after you finish a LOW calorie diet. see this

February 14, 2013


1. No, I think I was suppose to be. My parents probably forced my right handedness on me. *smile*

2. I certainly don't want that to happen! After May my plan is to put together a REAL weight workout where I'm burning and eating more realistically. After I started plugging in all that I ate in a day on "Lose It", I started to understand where my fat ass was coming from! Knowledge coupled with the intense desire to be the best that I can be, will hopefully keep me in check and challenge me to create a more healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. So, how do I figure how many calories I'm burning? Is it a sweet spot I have to come to by trial and error? Sorry for the book! Thanks so much for your time. Kimberly

February 15, 2013


Regarding question 2; I just read some of the q & a on your sledgehammer workout my answer...if it's hard enough, don't worry! Kimberly

February 15, 2013

Adrian Bryant

1. the best thing you can do is do uni-lateral or dumbbell exercises so for example instead of bench press with barbell do dumbell bench

2. use this activity tool but the main thing i tell people is NOT to worry about how much you burn while working out (which is important but...) but FOCUS on how intense your workout is because the tougher your workout is = the more calories you burn after you workout.

So the sweet spot is to find a workout that kicks your ass

February 15, 2013


I appreciate your advice. By the end of November this year I'll send you my before & after photo! Until then....Kimberly

February 15, 2013


i would love your free workout video sent:Amos"Maxamillion"Evans,Sr 521 West Bay Street Jacksonville,Fl 32202

February 04, 2013

Adrian Bryant

go to to get free DVD

February 05, 2013

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