Therapeutic Exercises Using Foam Rollers

foam roller

Foam rollers are an inexpensive exercise tool that may be used by individuals of any skill level. A foam roller is exactly what it sounds like - a roll of foam. The foam is a flexible and unstable surface, which is ideal for safely training muscles in difficult areas such as the back or the core.

Foam rollers are sold in varying lengths, or you may cut your own. Half rollers are also available for balancing exercises. To determine the length of roller you need, measure from the top of the head to the base of the spine.

The roller should be at least this long. Once you’ve obtained your roller, you can begin training. Foam roller benefits are countless and it can help you with body posture, lower core and upper core muscles and re-align the body.

Lower Core Exercises

Training your core muscles will trim your stomach and improve your balance and posture. Injured people or those who have not exercised in a while may find that the added support of a foam roller makes exercising easier while still improving muscle tone and strength.

The knee lift is one of the easiest ways to train core muscles. To do a knee lift…

Upper Core Exercises

Upper core exercises help build strength and improve balance. The exercises are designed to help reconnect the brain to muscles in the core to allow for greater coordination and smoother movements.

Standing Exercises

Standing exercises are a great way to improve balance and re-align the body. Standing exercises require the use of 2 rollers, or a roller and a nearby object such as a chair that can be used for balancing.

Foam roller exercises are an easy and inexpensive way to train your muscles and get in shape. The therapeutic exercises work to re-align your body and train your muscles to work harder and more efficiently.

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