How to warm-up & stretch before, during, and after your workouts

To Warm-up…

Do light or very easy exercises for the body part you're going to work to get blood flowing to that area to get your muscles warmed-up so for example…

The type of warm-up you do mainly depends on the type of workout you're going to do so…

To stretch before your workout…

Start stretching before your workout only after you've warmed up to prevent any injuries while stretching and…

Before your workouts - you want to do more dynamic stretches with only a little bit of static stretching and…

Doing the dynamic stretches before your workouts will help to both Warm-up and stretch your muscles at the same time and if you're doing a light workout - it doesn't matter how many static or dynamic stretches you do but…

Before your muscle building exercises, sprints or any other high intensity activities - you really want to do more dynamic stretches and very little static stretches because doing too much static stretches may weaken your muscles making you not able to work out with the same intensity or lift as much weight and…

If you do decide to do any static stretches before a workout - Make sure you hold the stretch for ONLY 5-10 seconds

To stretch during your workout…

The only time you can really stretch during a workout is probably during a weight training workout but during a workout you don't have to do an stretching but if do - just still keep doing mainly dynamic stretches with very little static stretches.

To stretch after your workout…

After your workout you can do mostly static stretches where hold the stretches for 10-to-30 seconds and this static stretching after a workout can help lessen any soreness you may experience the next day.

Arm stretches…

Click photos to see how to do arm stretches

Chest stretches…

Click photos to see how to do chest stretches

Rotator cuff stretches…

Click photos to see how to do rotator cuff stretches

Shoulder stretches…

Click photos to see how to do shoulder stretches

Lower Body stretches…

Click photos to see how to do leg stretches

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HI Adrian. I have a bad knee I hurt myself once doing Bulgarian split squatt once at home. its only my right knee. Did not break anything but its been a year and at times while squatting I feel mild pain. What stretching exercise is do you recommend for bad knees

June 29, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you'll have to consult a therapist on that one

June 29, 2015


I read in the book gluteus to the maximus that doing the static stretch for your glutes/hip area standing or lying while crossing over the leg and pulling up for 60 seconds helps stretch the muscles making them bigger in between and after your butt workouts. What are your thoughts on this?

July 31, 2013

Adrian Bryant

it helps by improving your range of motion to give you a better butt workout but stretching by itself is useless

July 31, 2013


like other parts of your website, you have a training plan like with arms. You have to get more toned arms do one exercise from part a and one from part b. I don't see that type of training plan for someone who wants to get a MUCH bigger butt and curvier hips. Does that exist?

July 03, 2013

Adrian Bryant

glad you asked...

here ya go

July 03, 2013


hi Adrain i have hips but a big belly,how can i get a flat belly and a wide big hips,have tried soo many workouts but no results.please help me.

April 20, 2013


Hi Adrian,

I started doing the advanced jumping jacks video, my calves are aching as I jump. Do you have any recommendations to help eliminate or minimize the pain?

February 17, 2013

Adrian Bryant

how long have you been doing that workout?

February 17, 2013


3 days

March 03, 2013


Hi, Mr. Bryant! I've been studying your website for a while, & I thought I should finally come & seek personal advice from you..I am very petite. I am 5'1 in a half, & skinny. I virtually have no muscle, (which I'd love to gain) and I'm interested in toning my body (although my stomach is fairly flat, I want it TONED.) I also like the Beyonce' butt workout.

My concern is, I'm so small! I weigh 125lbs no matter how much I eat or don't eat. I figure if I want the tighter thighs, the bigger butt, and the flatter stomach I would have to gain muscle. How much muscle do I need t gain? & how much is too much?

& I was looking for a basic warm up on your sight in which I would begin by warming up for the workouts I mentioned above. Thanks so much in advance. Be bless, Mr. Bryant.

December 11, 2012

Adrian Bryant

this is the plan you need to get the body you want

December 13, 2012


Hello! Adrian, I'm 6'4 weighing 240. I my right hip is bigger than my left hip. By doing my squat wrong when I was working out with my brother-in-law. I was basically putting all my on my right side and not balance it out. Is there any kind of way that I can slim/shrink my right hip down or have my left hip look like my right hip. But, I truly would like to slim/shrink it down. Please! help me...

December 10, 2012

Adrian Bryant

you can do single leg exercises like the lunge so both legs can be the same size

December 11, 2012

Alyce Burks

Adrian I have done the leg lifts, squats and cat walks and everything else for a month, but do not see any results. I am large chested with no BUTT, and no hips. What should I do or eat to get my stomach small, my Butt and my hips larger. HELLLLLLLLLLLP.

December 07, 2012

Adrian Bryant

what is your weight and height now?

December 09, 2012


Adrian!! i was really looking up something and your website popped up!! it was sooo funny to me! this is Ebony by the way! and this was helpful information!

September 17, 2012



September 11, 2012


When I jump ( such as in jumping jacks or jumping ropes), I feel cramp at my foot palm. What kind of stretching do I have to do to prevent it?

June 21, 2012


Try to flex your foot in and out and take a soda can or a tennis bal and roll along that part of your foot that cramps

June 21, 2012


OK. Thank you for your advice.

June 23, 2012

This is a fantastic site, thank you but as Asylee states, all the stretches are individual and scattered which is a nightmare for a routine (good to study and learn to make your own routine when you get used to stretches) I would like to start your 10 min fat burning workout (ski walk) but I am unsure of a 10 min warm up and stretch I am doing this with headphones on the iPhone too it's not fluid enough. Could you rrecommend What to do please Adrian. Many thanks Anna UK

May 01, 2012

Adrian Bryant

the warmup is optional but for the ski step workout you can simply go for brisk 5-to-10 min walk to warmup

May 01, 2012


I brisk walk every other day and I'm finding my leg muscles are tight before the walk. Since I did a few stretching exercises for the legs, I'm getting fewer pains around the knees and legs.

April 19, 2012


I want to tone up my thighs especially my inner thighs. Which exercise is the best for toning for thighs?

March 09, 2012


am250pounds and i really want to lose 65 pounds or more.for myheaith i need a meal plan to lose weight an i also need a workout routine i really, really,need to lose weight

January 17, 2012


Can you make a vid and lead us to warm up for 5-10 mins? Existings are too scattered.

October 01, 2011

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