tattoo removal

The best way to remove your tattoo without surgery is to…

Surgery is your only option to completely remove your tattoo but…

Most tattoo removal surgeries are uncomfortable and it could take many treatments to completely remove your tattoo plus…

You could end up with some scarring and discoloration of your skin depending on what type of tattoo removal surgery you choose so…

You need to research the various tattoo removal surgeries like lasers, dermabrasion, cyrotherapy to see what is going to be the most cost effective & comfortable procedure for you and…

Before you invest a lot of money into tattoo removal creams…

You can buy the main tattoo fading ingredients(like the 1% hydroquinone) from your local drugstore for less than $20 instead of spending up to $200 for the popular Wrecking Balm or Tat B Gone fading creams and…

Make sure you also look at…

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Hi Adrian! Your videos and tips are amazing and are currently helping me lose weight. I am however having trouble getting rid of back fat for some reason it's just there! I was wondering if you could do a back fat workout

August 12, 2016

Adrian Bryant

already did. go here all of those workouts will get rid of back fat or any other fat on your body

August 13, 2016


I just ordered your dvd, I am hoping I will be successful with this weight loss struggle. I am 242 lbs 5'6 and I would like to weigh 157lbs. I would like to be able to see my six pack hidden under all this fat and have more energy naturally. wish me luck as I mark my calender and start this journey.

July 24, 2012


I'm thankful I received my 100% free DVD. I did the jumping jacks so far. It's challenging. But I need it I have so much stubborn fat that will not go away. I exercise at the gym and recently I just started lifting heavy weight that's the only way I see fat loss. I thought they said woman shouldn't lift heavy weights? I also changed the way that I eat.

June 25, 2012 en Espanol
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