How to do Bicep Curls to get bigger biceps…

If you watched the short 2 minute video above then you pretty much know the secret to getting a good bicep workout doing curls and although curls are a great exercise for your biceps…

You should really do pull-ups & chin-ups to truly get bigger arms but…

When you're doing any type of bicep curl…

To work other parts of your biceps (or arms)…

You simply need to do the opposite of what you do when you do bicep curls & fully pronate your hands so that your palms are facing towards you at the start of the curl and at the end of the curl your palms are facing away from you or basically…

You'll be looking at the back of your hands at the end of the curl.

Play the video of reverse curls below for an example

In reality reverse bicep curls should be called brachialis curls since they mainly work your brachialis muscle located between your triceps & biceps &…

Your brachialis muscles is also called your bicep peak muscle because the bigger your Brachialis gets = the bigger your biceps will look (or peak) every time you flex them to show off your arms.

Sometimes you'll hear people say they do reverse curls to work the "outer" area of their biceps and this is really just a misconception because there is no such thing as an "outer biceps" &…

What you feel working when doing the reverse curls is your brachialis muscles (which may feel like it's the outer part of your biceps) but…

To build up your brachialis & biceps at the same time…

You need to do bicep curls using a hammer grip which is basically ½ way between a fully pronated (reverse curl) and a fully supinated (bicep curl) so as you curl the weight up both of your palms are facing each other.

Play the video below to see how to do hammer curls

If you're a beginner who is trying to get bigger biceps doing curls…

4 more ways to get bigger biceps faster doing curls

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1. Get bigger biceps faster by squeezing

At the end of each rep or after you've curled the weight all the way up… Squeeze & contract your biceps really hard for 2-to-3 seconds.

2. Cheat to get bigger biceps

If you're going to use a heavy weight that is only going to allow you to do about 4-to-8 reps…

Then chances are you won't be able to do all 4-to-8 reps using near perfect form so in this case you want to do cheat reps to help you complete all the heavy 4-to-8 reps using decent form.

Play video below for an example of cheat reps

And you don't have to use cheat reps for heavy bicep curls only… You can also do cheat reps near the end of your set to help you curl up a few more reps when your biceps are almost completely exhausted.

3. Make somebody force you into getting bigger biceps

You can also do forced reps which are almost like cheat reps but…

This time you maintain your near perfect form and you have a partner help you or force you into doing more reps by forcing you to complete each rep.

Play video below for an example of forced reps

4. Drop Sets

A drop set is basically when you do 3 sets of 4-to-12 reps in a row without stopping but with each set you use less weight. For example…

Let's say you start off with 100 pounds for the barbell bicep curl…

Drop sets are so tough that they should be saved for the last 1-to-2 sets of any bicep workout you do OR they should be done for 1-to-3 sets in a workout all by themselves and also…

Tip: Drop sets are best used for 1 set to pre-exhaust your biceps before you do chin-ups to get a real good bigger bicep workout.

Curls should not be the main focus of your biceps workout & as a matter of fact… Created by Adrian Bryant

Adrian Bryant

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john pecora

when I hit my biceps I do inner and oute lenths. by going all the way down three quarter up halfway at quarter up focusing on teasing the muscle which gives great emphasiswhich makes biceps explode ;with a pump
focus in on every set to tease the muscle

May 01, 2014


Thank You So Much for this info. I've been having a lot of pain in my forearms when doing standing barbell curls and it's the result of not having my arms wide enough. This helped me tremendously.

December 02, 2013


I like your short, informative videos and no-nonsense approach. I do mostly bodyweight exercises since I hate messing with setting up weights. I also use a kettlebell. From all the reading I've done from guys in MMA training or other experts in strength training, I can tell you know your stuff! Thanks for putting it out there. I Love the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple..) approach.

November 20, 2013


Seriously love your website Adrian! Your the man!

Every time I come here I learn something new, you always keep me up to date with the latest fitness information!

I'm proud to admit that I'll be promoting your site on my facebook page, twitter page and on my own personal blog,

Thanks a lot,


November 04, 2012


Best biceps info your posts...

May 17, 2012

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