11 free vegetarian diet plans

  1. 1100 calorie Vegan Diet Plan
  2. 28 Day Vegetarian 1800 calorie Meal Plan
  3. 28 Day Vegetarian 1200 calorie Meal Plan
  4. 1300 Calorie Vegetarian Diet Plan
  5. 1600-calorie Laco-Ovo Vegetarian menu
  6. 1200-calorie Laco-Ovo Vegetarian menu
  7. Fat Burning Vegetarian Meal Plan 2000 Calories
  8. Completely Vegetarian Diet Plans

    1100, 1150, 1300, & 1400 calorie meal plans

  9. 7-day 1400 calorie vegetarian diet plan by Dr Wynnie Chan '
  10. 28 Day Vegetarian 1500 calorie Meal Plan

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I am a homemaker, delivered a baby who is now 5 months old and I am breastfeeding my baby. . My weight is 86 kgs .I am 30 years old. Looking for a diet plan and exercise schedule but I am unable to go to gym as I cannot leave baby alone. So suggest workout at home.

March 29, 2015


Hey ..i am 20 yrs old..n my weight is 42.8kgs.. I need to gain weight..i have joined gym..can u please suggest me a good vegetarian diet plan..thank you

March 14, 2015

Adrian Bryant

go here

March 14, 2015


Hii adrian..m 26yr old wth hgt 5.5 n wght 55kg m stats r 30-33-39 mnz i hav loads of fats on my tummy thighs n hips i want to shade it off before march as m gtng married..also m pure veggie no egg in my diet,1mre imp thng i want to mention is dat my job as a banker demands constant sitting wth recess of hlf hour..so kindly design my diet in sch a way tht i loose eccessive ft putting sum required fat on my busts..i vil b vry vry thnkful if u do so...kindly recomnd a diet chary plz..

February 20, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use this diet

February 21, 2015


Hii,adrian..my age is 26yrs..n my bdy shape is pear n m in a job which demands constant sitting as a bankr othr than this my height is 5.5,weighng55kg bust-30.5 waist 33 n hips 39...i want to shade off my hips n inner thighs (24) n at the same tym want to increase my bust..also m pure veggie no egg no meat...i would be thankful to you for hlpng me...

February 19, 2015


Hi Adrian... I am 5'3"... My weight is 64 kgs i want to lose 8 kgs... Please give me a diet plan (vegetarian) .. I want to lose it before may have a wedding to attend... Thank you!?!

February 16, 2015



I am 24 and my weight is 68 kg and height is 5.4 inch. i don't have fat in full body. mainly fat stored in my stomach and face too. I would like to lose belly fat . could you please recommend a veg or non veg diet plan and workout.

December 04, 2014


Hi..Im 5'3" n weigh 105kgs..most of my fat is on my hips n lower abdomen..plz suggest me a pure vegetarian diet plan to reduce around 30kgs...plzz help me..

November 13, 2014



i am 5'9'' weighin 64kgs, i want gain more weight,appx 74 kg, and also with fit body , can u sujjst me a deit chart(Only Veg). with Physical Excice....

October 15, 2014

Adrian Bryant

go here

October 17, 2014


Hi Adrian , I am 19 years old weigh 70.300 and I want to lose 5 kgs n weigh 65.00 by the end of this month i.e by 31/10/14 ..I'm pure vegetarian n i need a diet plan which works permanently ..my workout timings are from 10 -12 ..Please suggest me a diet to lose atleast 5 kgs by the end of this month ..Thanks !

October 05, 2014

Adrian Bryant

use this diet

October 06, 2014

Parth Nimavat

Hi Adrian, i am 5.8 i weight 60 kg i used to hav a flatter tummy. But off late i hav started getting belly fat i have six pack already but i want 8 n wanna get ripped.
Please help i m a pure veggie wat should i eat ???
Thanks in advance .😊

September 25, 2014

Adrian Bryant

see this

September 28, 2014


Hi, this is Dhawal, my height is 5.8 and weight 80 kgs, i want to lose 12 to 15 kgs, I am a pure vegetarian (jain), don't consume anything which grows underground, please guide me.


August 31, 2014

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet

September 02, 2014


Hi Adrian,

I am 5ft and my weight is 100kg. Mainly increased gradually over the last 4 years after my 2 kids.

I want to lose 30kgs over the next 6 months is that possible? I am thinking of using some sort of pills can you guide me on that and also I am a vegetarian ... I do eat eggs.... so what sort of diet plan could you recommend and also a workout at home please.


June 25, 2014


Could you also recommend a good weight loss pill that i could use with it?

Also wanted to know your views on Garcinia.


June 25, 2014

Adrian Bryant

here you go

June 27, 2014


hai i want to lose 12 kgs of weight in one month.my height is 5 ft 3 inch .and my weight is 65 kgs.i am pure vegetarian.please suggest which diet plan should i follow.

June 03, 2014


I am 25 year old. my height 6.3inch and weigh 78kg. plz tell the veg diet for increase biceps size without increase fat on belly and face. I take weigh gainer few months ago. it increase my weight but also fat on face and belly..so plz suggest me what should I take in veg diet thats increase on muscle size not fat

May 17, 2014


Can you please tell me proper vegetarian diet plan for muscle mass. what should I eat in morning and night in vegetarian diet.

May 19, 2014


i am 29 year old women with 7 month kid , I reduce my belly fat .and

April 26, 2014

Adrian Bryant

see this

April 27, 2014


Hi, I'm a 13 year old girl, 72kg, about 165cm tall, and I have a school swimming program coming up in 2 months, I really want to lose a decent amount of weight by then. can you please give me a weight loss plan that will work???

April 21, 2014


hii i m 19 year old. height 5.2 feet nd hve 70kgs weight nd hve huge thighs,caves nd also a tummy around 36 inchs. i want to lose fat as well as abs built and i more thing i also had a left leg ankle frature 1 month ago so my walking running is banned for 6 mnth . so i only want upper body workout nd loss fat , can u help me bcoz i m stuck at homw since 1 mnth nd also for 2 mnth more

April 17, 2014


thnks adrian

April 24, 2014

Stephenie Alfieri

Hello I want to change up my dietary with more veggies and less meat. When I eat beef I tend to get sick, Chicken it depends on how it is cooked. Turkey I'm better with (at least so far). I also make a taco salad where I'm substituting beef in. Fish I can't eat at all. I also am over weight and need to lose weight. Now that the weather is getting warmer I can go outside and walk the dogs and work with my horses. Any advice and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

April 07, 2014


Hi Adrian,
I am 23, male from india, height 175 cms weight 73 kg, i have fat in belly area, but my arms are very thin, can you suggest work out plan and pure veggie diet( not even eggs) to me to have muscled and heavy arms.

April 02, 2014


I m vegetarian.I want to loose weight as I m 5'7" weighing 80 kgs so please suggest me how to do it with proper diet

March 24, 2014


Hi. I am 18 yrs old, female, height 168cms" and weighs 75 kg. I am a vegetarian. My problem areas are my belly, love handles, and arms. Can You suggest a diet to be followed and also the workout for my problem areas?

March 24, 2014


My weight is 70 and height is 5ft10in. I want to decrease my fat weight and increase my muscle weight. Which currently is vice versa. Which diet should i follow?

March 11, 2014

Adrian Bryant

this diet

March 11, 2014


Hi Adrian, I am 24 yrs old, female,m 5.3" and weighs 54 kg. I am a vegetarian. My problem areas are my belly, love handles, thighs and saggy big breasts. I have recently joined gym.Can You suggest a diet to be followed and also the workout for my problem areas.

March 10, 2014


hi there

Im a pure vegetarian i take dairy products but no eggs fish etc and i want a diet that will make me ripped and lean. i gym 3 times a wk 2-3 hrs per session.
and need to lose weight.

March 03, 2014



I'm a veg. that eat's dairy products and eggs, and am planning on starting ddp yoga due to the fact that i should lose about 40 pounds to be at a healthy weight, are there any meal plans that you know of that i should follow?

February 22, 2014

Adrian Bryant

use this diet

February 22, 2014

Ms M

I am a 52 year old. I have disc issues which causes
me issue. I need help loose weight What do you suggest?

January 19, 2014

Adrian Bryant

see this first

January 20, 2014


i am 34 yrs old pure vegetarian (Jain).... my ht. is 5.7" and i weigh 56 kgs.... i want to gain weight and build muscle.. please suggest the diet plan for me???

January 13, 2014


I'm a 23 year old male,my height is 5 feet 9 inches and my weight is 182 pounds.I'm a pure vegetarian. I want to lose my belly fat
I do heavy weight training and i aim to grow big muscles but by doing this I'm facing a big belly problem. I want to cut my belly down to get a better abdomen and to have those 6 packs. I don't want to reduce my weight, i want to replace the fat with muscles. Could you please help me with the problem?

December 17, 2013

Adrian Bryant

go here

December 18, 2013


can you help me how to make healthy meal plans as my bf wants to loose weight.thanks

October 20, 2013

Adrian Bryant

look at this

October 20, 2013


i am 24 yrs old pure vegetarian.... my ht. is 5.7" and i weigh 96 kgs.... i want to loose weight.. please suggest the diet plan for me???

October 18, 2013

Adrian Bryant

use this diet

October 20, 2013


i am 1.71m tall and weigh 65kgs
41 years old
vegetarian (no meat, fish or chicken but i do eat eggs and dairy)
looking to loose a few kilos (5) and gain lean muscle
i do gym at least 3 times a week
please suggest meal plan and exercise plan

September 26, 2013

Adrian Bryant

go here

September 26, 2013


Hi I m 26 n 70kg with heavy fat on tummu n buttock.which workout should I do n what diet plan should I follow. Tnks

September 05, 2013

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet

September 06, 2013


i m 19 year old i want to loose 20 kg waight plz help me....

September 03, 2013

mukesh kumar

hlw sir,(namaskar)
i, 22,m from india, i m pure vegetarian, please help me in gaining weight ...

September 02, 2013


sir I am an 35 years male that to I am an jr asian shot put and discuss thrower I required an help from you to loose weight as I lost one rt knee due to accident and my wt is 135kgs kindly help me

June 22, 2013


i am a 17 years old girl i am very fat i want to reduce 30kgs weight and i am vegetarian

June 14, 2013


Hi i'm 112 pounds because i have just fat n like no muscle (i had a muscle enzyme that broke it down) , i am currently eating about and inactive, am wondering if you have a vegan meal plan that has the right percentage of carbs/protein/fat to loose fat and gain muscle with no more than 4 servings of grain plus one medium apple (with allowance of one more on a very active day) with more protein earlier in the day than dinner with snacks (every 3 hours) and including healthy fats (35-55g added fat a day). i am currently eating about 1400 calories, i'm thinking i should do 1300? n what exercise routine should i do to tone lower back and stomach?

June 05, 2013


I'm 33 years old and I wanna lose weight and gain muscle, I'm like 50 lbs over weigh any thing you can recommend?

May 19, 2013


hi. i am housewife and hardly get time for exercise. i have gained lot of weight during pregnancy specially on my tummy. in some clothes i still look pregnant, please guide me vegetarian diet plan to reduce 15-16 kg. weight gain.

May 04, 2013


i like this post... here i found so good information about veg diet. Click for ...french food recipes.

March 04, 2013


hey, i am 25 years old and my weight is 43 kg and 5'5''. i want to increase my weight and height through vegetarian food. i have not only heart problem but also doing exercise.so give me some instructions and diet also.

March 03, 2013


I'm 1metre 71cm (no idea feet and inches..sorry)
I need to fit int. bridesmaids dress!!!!
It's size 8 I'm size 12!
I have 5 weeks...is it impossible?
I'm currently 65kg
I was at my happiest @ 52kg
Before children!!! ;)

February 22, 2013

nisha gupta

i am a house wife.. very lazy.dont like to excercise.. i dont eat too much.. i drink 2-2.5ltr of water a day but still i am overweight,, my tummy and waistline are the only area which are very big due to storage of fats and water retention also.. i am 5ft tall and weighs 56kg. please help me..

January 22, 2013


hey adrain i need to gain my weight n m a vegetarian ... plzzz help me as my height is 6 feet but my weight is 62 ... i need to increase my weight by 10 to 12 kg ... plzzz help me out !!!

December 08, 2012

Steven Lee

See here some Diet Plan

February 26, 2013


hey adrian 5'3 weight 75 kgs wants your help am a student so have to leave home early in morning for college so dont have time to do breakfast there is some plan or exercise which can help me sir i need help :( wanna help ASAp

September 04, 2012


Hi Adrian...I use to way 272..in jan 2011....now im 226. But I think it took to long to lose the little I did...what am I doing wrong...I workout everyday...but I do eat lots of carbs and I've been a vegan for 5 months.

I'm 5'11...and I have a lot of fat to lose still.

August 16, 2012


hey im 5"7 my weight is 56 kg! i want to be skinny !i want a diet plan which does not affect my height growth and im vegetarian

July 21, 2012


thanx adrian :)

May be you can help me more telling some exercise to reduce calves and tummy, specifically :)

July 17, 2012

Adrian bryant

any of these exercises will help you reduce all over

July 17, 2012


i am 5'4'' weighin 70kgs
M just too fat, got tummy tyres.. On the back, got tyres.. Large hips.. Huge thighs.. Big calves
And everything bad.. :(


July 16, 2012

Adrian Bryant

use Any of the weight loss plans here to lose weight all over

July 16, 2012


or, may be you can better tell me, what should be my weight with the height 5'4''..
more of the body fats are on tummy, thighs and hips and even CALVES :(

Cant wear shorts and capri..

Please please please help me lose weight and get a proportionate, good looking body.

July 13, 2012

Adrian Bryant

What is your current weight & height?

July 15, 2012

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