To get rid of any loose skin you have…

9 times out of 10 all you need to do is lose more fat because truthfully… If you had loose skin you would need surgery to get rid of your loose skin but…

Do this to see if you have loose skin or more fat to lose…

  1. Pinch the skin on the back of your hand & pull it away from your hand and the reason why you're doing this is to show you that…
  2. Skin is very thin (It's only 0.10 inch thick) and you have virtually no fat stored in your hands so…
  3. Go to any area on your body where you "Think" you have loose skin and pinch a thin section of skin that's about the same width of the skin you pinched on the back of your hand and then pull it away from your body &…
  4. In the very unlikely event you do pull a lot of skin from away from your body then you truly have loose skin and need surgery or patience to get rid of loose skin but usually…
  5. You just need to lose more fat &…

Another way to see if you have loose skin or more fat to lose is to…

See if it jiggles and if it jiggles then it's fat because skin can't jiggle since it's not fatty and… It's the fat on the inside of the skin that gives that folded, dimpled appearance and the reason why it looks like you have loose skin NOW is because…

You basically lost lots of weight without exercise or by only doing low intensity (no sweat) exercises like slow walking or leisure biking and…

When you lose weight mainly by dieting and little exercise you tend to lose lots of fat, muscle & water at the same time Instead of just mainly fat so…

Even though you're skinner - you are just a skinnier fat person who needs to exercise & build back some muscle you lost thru extreme dieting to lose the remaining fat you have that's disguised as loose skin and…

Here's some examples of what is & what isn't loose skin…

This maybe loose skin but still has some fat to lose    this IS NOT Loose skin - just lose more fat

To prevent loose skin during weight loss…

Make sure you exercise by doing high intense fat burning workouts while adding some body sculpting and/or muscle building workouts to your weight loss plan.

Make sure you also see… Created by Adrian Bryant

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My question, After a large weight loss, 100+ lbs, is the excess skin considered fat lbs or lean lbs?

February 17, 2015

Adrian Bryant

how do you know it's not excess fat

February 18, 2015

Susie Loosey

I've been reading all this that you are saying and apparently you are not touching on anyone like me. I'm 59 and had lapband surgery 2 yrs ago. I went from 237 to now at 140, I'm 5'4". Older people DO have loose skin after weight loss due to loss of skin elasticity. I have wrinkled and very loose skin that when pinched stays pulled out and flattened in the same position it was when I released the pinch on the very bottom of my butt where it meets the leg. I also have very lose skin on my stomach that just lays there like a big deflated balloon that I can pick up wave like a flag. And I have an awful hanging turkey neck as well as loose wrinkled skin on my arms. I've been working with a personal trainer 4 times a week for two years who pushed me hard to try to fill out the floppy skin areas with muscle. There's lots of good muscle tone under that deflated balloon and droopy saggy bottom of booty. So when you point blank tell people they don't have loose skin that certainly doesn't apply to older people who've gone through a lot of weight loss.

November 24, 2014

Adrian Bryant

not a point blank statement. If your skin is as truly as thin as the skin on the back of your hands then yes... you have loose skin but building muscle is not going to tighten it up. YES, building muscle will fill you out but it wont get rid of the loose skin

November 24, 2014


Hi Adrian,

Thankyou for the article. It helped me to restore confidence in my weight loss efforts. I have been fat up until the age of 16 220 pds. I lost much of it through only diet and am now age 30 AT 190 pds (5'7). I am gradually building muscle and properly cutting. I feel the "loose skin" around my stomach and feel the love handles. Even though one skin surgery doctor and one trainer said to me you will "Never" get rid of "that fat", I refuse to believe them. I can feel the thickness and jiggliness of the fat. It's thick like it has a lot of meat in it. Its all over my body really, like I look bulky and am meaty all over. It has to be fat. I will keep cutting and weightlifting until I get rid of it. I imagine it may take years.

July 12, 2014


Hello Adrian,

I am 5' 3 and I weigh 171. Though I sound very fat, I actually have alot of muscle and some fat to lose. At 145-150 I had a nice little size 5 body with curves and no belly or cellulite etc. I wasnt extremely toned but I could wear whatever I wanted and look great. So, based on that, I only need to lose another 20 pounds (of fat) or so. Anything below that, I'll look like a bobblehead. My problem is, Im addicted to a VLCD because I see losses of 5 pounds a week on the scale (I had got up to 190). My latest VLCD Ive been on for a 1 1/2 weeks. I started at 179 and now Im 171. I know that Im losing muscle but 2 pounds a week is just not motivating for me. I've been eating 500-700 cals per day while using an appetite suppressant and its been working however I dont believe Im gonna be happy with what my body looks like when I get to 150. I feel like Im getting flabby, so my 150 from back then wont look the same as it used to. How can I eat a minumum amount of calories and tone up? Ive tried eating more (1500-1600) to lose more and it just doesnt work for me. I gain and lose the same couple pounds back and forth. Im not skinny, so there is no possibility that my body is in dire straights. Im way over my BMI. I just feel I should be able to eat a lot less than those who are closer to their suggested body weight bc I have body fat to lose. Btw...I usually do an hour of walking on a treadmill at an incline of 10-12. Help me work this out in my mind and come up with a good solution please. I dont really know what will work for me other than eating low calories and working out alot. I would like to lose the next 10 pounds fast and the last 10 slow, so I can get rid of some flab. So, 20 pounds in 6-8 weeks.

July 03, 2014

Adrian Bryant

you'd be much better off going here

it seems like you are smart enough to know VLCD do not work long term SO WHY do them? also what's more motivating...

losing weight and keeping it off or losing 5 pounds a week on a VLCD knowing eventually you'll gain it all back but with the outlined plan I gave you...

you're probably going lose more than 2 pounds a week at first anyways

July 03, 2014


I'm having a problem, I have a pot belly stomach and really lower belly fat that flabs and have stretch marks, I want to work on that more so I don't get that loose skin!!! What work out and diets do you recommend for it??? I weigh 203 pounds, I'm 22, and I'm 5'4"!!! Oh I need some work outs for my thighs and my batwings!!!

June 27, 2014

Adrian Bryant

start here

June 29, 2014


Hi adrian I have recently started my weight loss journey Im a female 5'9 24 of age I used to weigh 300 lbs I have gone down to 260 in 3 months.i was doing a lot of cardio and started off using dumbells for my arms but as I keep losing weight im getting scared of ending up with lose skin:( my arms are getting really flabby and so are my inner thighs and my butt. Wat can I do to keep losing weight and firming my body.i dont wanna stop myself from losing weight because of this . PLEASE HELP!!!

June 26, 2014

Adrian Bryant

the main thing is to keep losing weight but see this to firm up your arms

June 27, 2014


Keep your weight stable and after a year, your skin will rertact atleast halk because you are young. My neice had gastric bypass surgery and lost 150lbs. Her skin was hanging. That was 1 year ago. Now it's half way back to normal. Some areas she may have to have surgery on later like the boobs but the rest of her body looks good now. Exercise and stay hydrated with water. The water makes the skin bounce back.

July 27, 2014


Hi Adrian,

I'm 5'5 and over the last year and a half have lost about 53lbs. I'm currently 115lbs and look good when standing up, there is no appearance of loose skin. However when I lie on my side, or bend over I have the appearance of loose skin in my tummy area - it looks like thin wrinkly skin, and will also fold over. When I pinch my stomach, I can pinch about 2 inches, so there's definitely excess fat, but the fact that it wrinkles so much has me concerned. I wish I could post pics lol Thank you so much for all your great advice! :)

June 24, 2014


Also, I forgot to mention I'm 31 and upon further inspection I might only be able to pinch about 1.5 inches. What is the desired amount of fat to be able to pinch? Thank you so much! :)

June 24, 2014

Adrian Bryant

send me a pic to

it sounds like a normal belly and CONGRATS on losing 53 pounds!!

June 24, 2014


Hi Adrian,

I had some back problems, which lead to two stone weight gain. To keep my back strong I swim and I now do 3-4k of swimming 3 times per week. I have been doing this for the last 2 1/2 years.

Legs, arms etc all great but I have always had a flat bottom even at my heaviest. As I have toned up and developed a bit more bum shape, I have also developed this horrible new line of skin / saggy wrinkle under mu bottom cheeks. This has developed since exercising as I did not have this before. I do only swim due to a weak lower back, and use breast, backstroke and freestyle. I am 5ft 10" and 154Ibs. Thanks for any tips on how to get rid as it shows in my costume and underwear.

May 02, 2014


Hi. Ive recently lost around 3-4 stone in about 12 months and ive started to think i have loose skin. Its all i think about all day and i get really depressed about it. I need to know if i can get rid of it. Im 22 and im 15st 3lb and my body fat is 20.7%

April 23, 2014

adrian bryant

just keep losing weight and as you lose more the loose skin or really the loose fat will go away

April 24, 2014


I'm 18 and weigh 137 (I'm 5'3) I want to loose about 20 pounds. Do you think I will get loose skin??

April 21, 2014

adrian bryant

no, loose skin is hard to get. you may have some "loose fat" afterwards that you can comntinue to lose with more diet and/or exercise

April 22, 2014


Hi my name is Deanna and I have lost a total of 156 pounds and I have a lot of lose skin on my stomach upper legs and my arms I was wondering if you could tell me how to fix that problem lol

April 15, 2014

Adrian Bryant

what is your current weight and height?

April 15, 2014


Hello I had my daughter last year and I was just so desperate to get back to normal I did extreme dieting I would only eat once a day. Point of the story I was left with what you call loose fat and a "mommy pouch". It is not big, I fit my small shirts perfect like I used to. The rest of my body is just how I want it. But I don't know what to do to get rid of the pouch and the little bit of loose fat. Help!!!

April 05, 2014

priya jkp

Adrian im 20 now. Height 153 cm weght 54kg.124lbs i have a very big flabby lower belly and a big love handles my stomach is too flabby with lots of visceral fat around my navel
I do bike workout daily twice half an hour.i lost my weight upto 4lbs but my stomach looks flabby and the problem is more serious i hve not even lost one iinch at my waist.i hve no enough time 2go 2gym.please privide me with good lower flabby belly exercises which are done at home.i have no equoexercise equiptment rather than elliptical machine. Please provide me a good home workout for flabby lower belly. Narrow waist inch 30.wide waist inch 37.pls reply me as soon as possible

April 05, 2014

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