23 Foods high in Silicon

  1. Bell peppers
  2. Soybeans
  3. Oats
  4. Brown rice
  5. Barley
  6. Burdock root
  7. Apples
  8. Oranges
  9. Raisins
  10. Grapes
  11. Cucumber
  12. Hemp leaves
  13. Horsetail
  14. Marjoram
  15. Spinach
  16. Radish
  17. Romaine lettuce
  18. Tomato
  19. Nopal cactus
  20. Peanuts
  21. Almonds
  22. Millet
  23. Flaxseeds

7 ways Silicon helps you look good naked…

  1. Silicon is needed to help you make more collagen or skin protein.
  2. Silicon is good for Anti-Aging as it slows the aging process.
  3. Silicon gives you healthy and thick hair.
  4. Silicon increases the luster and shine of your hair
  5. Silicon prevents alopecia or thinning of your hair.
  6. Silicon prevents britter nails.
  7. Silicon maintains the glow of your skin.

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There are 12 comments

If you have magnesium deficiency then you are not eating your vegetables. It is impossible for plants to grow without magnesium, its the essential element in chlorophyll , every vegetable with green color is rich in magnesium.

December 22, 2016



does oats have as sigh silica as indian pale ale beer ?
and how about Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth compared ?
can i manage to get my full requirement from food without supplementation ?
are there any clearhouse to achieve info on these ?
star stern

November 01, 2016


Wonder why everyone under age 30 eating all kinds of fast food rot out, no veggies, hardly any fruits yet has gorgeous skin, hair nails and never thought about nutrition yet all the sudden after 30...hair loss, skin sag, dry skin, dry hair, brittle nails, joint pains, etc..hmmm. So all the sudden we're not getting enough of this, that and the other thing? I don't think so. They're all still there in the foods, the nutrients eg. if a veggie grew in the earth then it has silicon, sand is silica is silicon dioxide. We've stop absorbing them easily, that's what is happening. A clogged cellular condition?...yet we try to push ever greater quantities of nutrients into our system as a response? We need some enlightenment i think..(hint: no money to be made in distilled water fasting..hehe). Yes there is a deficiency condition slowly developing but not because the food is deficient but the body seems to have stopped absorbing, even dysfunctioning at the cellular level.
CHeers ! !

May 19, 2016


Where can I find reliable nutrition facts that show the exact amount (milligrams) of silicon in different foods?

March 22, 2016


Go to the USDA website, they do the analysis on most foods

February 09, 2017


There is no such thing! You're describing Morgellons.Quit eating GMO's! PS: you're just talking to an idikot with a free blog. Bad idea! GOogle is YO friend!

November 17, 2013


I have a growing silicone patch on my skin, and seems as though I have a parasite that is "jelly like" that apparently is primarily silicon, according to a pathologist.
So what do I do to reduce silicon so that I can get rid of this silicon on my skin, and the parasite in me?

July 01, 2013

kim howard

I wish I could answer your question Don.
I have recently been toxified by silica it is in everything including vitamins and mineral capsules. Look in Other ingredients listings. I have lost hair, been crippled and have severs cramping in muscles and tendons. Don;t know what to do except try to detox.

March 09, 2016


Take 8000 IU of vitamin D per day and Magnesium..(can't recommend the dosage). 80% of the population is deficient in it and causes many problems with our health related problems you
Mentioned and many many more.

May 15, 2016

mike diatomite

Bonnie what inane Drivel. "Take 8000 IU of vitamin D per day and Magnesium..(can't recommend the dosage)."
It is people like you giving unsubstantiated crappy advice like above that help people develop health problems. THERE IS NO PLASTIC PILL THAT holds better vitamins and minerals than mother Natures garden produce. Try eating correctly, leave the junk food alone and you will be able to maintain your 7 grams of essential silica that your body needs to maintain.
You can get your Vitamin D by walking and exercising in sunlight (Not in the noon day sun) or eating oily fish such as tuna, salmon, mullet or herrings.
Your Si o2 (pure Amorphous Silica) can be gained by drinking a glass of milk with a heaped teaspoon of Diatomite every morning. Other than that, eat any of these natural products :
There are a number of foods which are an excellent source of silica(silicon) and they are:
Banana (yellow, peeled), 250g - 13.60mg
Beer, 1L - 19.2mg
High bran cereal, 100g - 10.17mg
Bread (wholegrain), 200g - 8.94mg
Raisin (California seedless), 100g - 8.25mg
Mineral water (high silica), 500mL - 7.23mg
Green beans (cooked), 250g - 6.10mg
Carrot (raw, peeled), 200g - 4.58mg
Bread (wholemeal), 200g - 4.50mg
Brown rice, 200g - 4.14mg
Mineral water (regular), 500mL - 3.44mg
Bread (white), 200g - 3.38mg
Wheat biscuits, 100g - 2.78mg
White rice, 200g - 2.48mg
Cornflakes, 100g - 2.42mg
Some studies have shown that men have higher concentrations of silica in their urine and blood due to their higher consumption of beer (compared to women).

As for your INCORRECT ADVICE to take Magnesium, It does not supply silica. The reverse is the case.. Calcium and magnesium need Vitamin D3 to sinthesize and be absorbed into the bone, skin and nails. Vitamin D3 can NOT do this without Si O2 (Silica) to promote the absorpbtion of these essential trace minerals.

Bonnie, you are a classic example of a little knowledge can be dangerous. A lot of people would believe your drivel that you can just pop a piece of plastic, pumped out in some third world sweat shop with synthetic substances and unkown unhygenic fillers and all will be good. Save your money on Drug company crap and eat from the list above and buy some Australian pure Diatomaceous Earth from www.paradisewyandottes.com and read the 5000 word researched blog on the benefits of Silica.
All with out pills and capsules.. have a healthy week ))

June 30, 2016


Hi Mike,

I agree with Bonnie. I started taking magnesium and it changed my life. is it the only thing I need? definitely not. But nowadays there IS a deficiency in magnesium that would do many people well to understand, as people like myself cannot live very well without it. It is from soil erosion from farming practices that have made magnesium more deficient in the soil. Most (or many) people are deficient. Also drinking cow's milk wont work for people who are vegetarian or vegan. In conjunction with good natural sources of calcium, silica and D3 then it is a good combination. Magnesium glycinate is a safe, very absorpable kind of magnesium.

All the best,

August 16, 2016



Try taking MSM it will help with hair loss, muscles and joint pain, check this link out: draxe.com

Also consider fasting, and doing a natural collan cleanse, remembering to drink lots of water, it is always key when trying to flush things out of your system.

January 25, 2017

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