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Greek - Crostini (Recipe below picture)

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Crostini Greek is a sumptuous meal good for 8 people. You can prepare this recipe in 35 minutes. This recipe was derived from the Greek feta croutons and black olives. It has an unbelievable taste and flavor and very easy to prepare too.

Cut the bread into 1.5-inch thick slices. Toast the bread in the oven or toaster. After toasting, rub garlic into each piece.

Prepare the feta cheese by slicing it into cubes about 1 cm each. Get some olives and cut them into quarters or halves. Mix the feta cheese and olives into a bowl and add olive oil. Sprinkle this mixture while the bread is still hot and serve.

(Click here to see nutritional values of Greek Crostini)

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Felicia Mcclinton writes for mediterranean vegetarian recipes , blog her personal hobby blog focused on cooking tips to eat like a real Mediterranean and eat healthy to prevent diseases.

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