By Adrian Bryant

Lose Weight Through Water Yoga

water yoga weight loss

Water Yoga Burns 400-to-600 calories per hour

6 Water Yoga Exercises

1. Warrior II

This yoga pose is a common dry-land exercise but it is actually more achievable in water. Try these steps to proceed:

2. Half-Moon

For this routine, you can choose to use a pool noodle or simply the side of the pool for better support.

3. Sugar-Cane

Through this routine, you can feel the interconnection between half-moon pose and the water that runs throughout your spine.

4. Handstand

This routine is more adaptable to perform in the water. The steps are quite simple and require you to swim across the bottom of the pool and rest your hands onto the bottom pushing your feet atop.

5. Standing Hand-to-big-Toe

This standing pose can allow enough flexibility to keep extended leg afloat on water.

6. Cobra

This water yoga routine is perfect to try out in the pool.

7. Triangle

For this routine, you should practice at a comfortable water level.

8. Floating Savasana

There is no yoga class that does not end without doing Savasana. Incorporate the same during your pool sessions.

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