7 Steps to Snapping Sexy Selfies

1. Hair and Makeup

Before you snap that pic, touch up your makeup and give your hair a sexy tousle. Just like movie stars, you may need to apply your cosmetics with a slightly heavier hand so that they translate well into the digital world.

Highlight your eyes, cheekbones and lips for that sexy, pouty look that shows you at your best.

2. Clothing

Before snapping full-length selfies, check your outfit from every angle in a full-length mirror. Just because your getup shows your cleavage to perfection, it doesn't mean that it flatters your behind as well.

Adjust bra straps, check for panty lines and smooth out any wrinkles from your clothing. If necessary, use double-sided clothing tape to hold garments in place.

3. Facial Expressions

While anything goes when it comes to selfies, it takes a certain facial expression to create the sexy look you want to achieve. Widen your eyes, suck in your cheeks and purse your lips for a sexy pout. Remember, though, that less is more.

Go too far with the facial expressions and you'll look like a guppy. Slight facial expression changes go a long way in photos and over exaggeration isn't necessary.

4. Angles

Take several selfies adjusting the camera angle in each one. Photos taken from above often create the most flattering pics. Look coyly up at the camera, give a Mona Lisa smile and snap the pic.

An off-center angle also flatters most people. It'll make your eyes look bigger and show your face off to perfection.

5. Use the Timer

Rather than holding the camera yourself, which often creates an awkward angle, set the timer and place the camera on a flat surface. Strike a pose and be ready when the flash goes off.

Turn your back to the camera and smile at the lens over your shoulder to create a shot that looks like you were caught unaware.

6. Use a Mirror

Since your arm is only so long, sometimes it's necessary to photograph yourself looking in the mirror. For those photos, use a cell phone cam or a digital camera with the flash turned off to keep it from reflecting in the mirror.

Taking a photo in the mirror allows you to take a full-length shot or to capture yourself from behind.

7. Capture the Light

In the old days, photographers often posed their subjects with the sun above head or behind the subjects to avoid that funky, crazy eye glow that the flash could cause. Nowadays that's not a concern, so feel free to get the sun in your face.

The sun's rays will bath your face in flattering light and give you a healthy glow that makes your photos look amazing.

Taking sexy selfies isn't rocket science

It simply takes a little preparation and a lot of common sense. Practice, practice, practice and take tons of shots until you have the ones that show your sexy self to the world.

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darren kent morgan

dear adrian darren here reccomended from darrell fosters site on the ali info with will smith. the zinc studie or any other vit d or vitamin study to me is just as much a scam as the grow taller ed pills you also claim are bunk. my question is do you personnaly or have you personnaly ever seen a vitamin or mineral being microscopically identified in a plant then extracted and with the same test shown positive and shelf stable then transferrable to a human being. most of these studies are poorly concieved and constructed by mal nourished young graduates or under 40s and if you study the history of nutrient identification youll see what i mean. note that we as humans have only managed toi reproduce and evolve by eating the so called identifiable nutrients in real food and water right?? Thanks so much for all your work so far would love to be a skinny to ali typ for your site completely free of course one I finish cheers sincerely darren kent morgan

September 30, 2018

Adrian Bryant

are you refferring to the boatload of studies saying vitamin d and Zinc are essential for higher testosterone

September 30, 2018

Adrian Bryant

are you refferring to the boatload of studies saying vitamin d and Zinc are essential for higher testosterone

September 30, 2018


as a rule - use clean background and keep in mind objects closed to lens are bigger than life.for body part realistic photo manipulations visit www.selfiechop.com - they will help you with photo montage or retouching.

January 08, 2017

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