How to Safely and Correctly Use a Sauna Suit for Weight Loss

Weight loss belts, fad diets, and sauna suits – people have always been searching for shortcuts to being fit. The thing is that some of these shortcuts are plain phony while some could work if you use them properly.

A sauna suit is considered a potentially successful shortcut. A study published in 2018 found that exercising in a sauna suit, aside from helping you “sweat it out,” also increases physiological and perceptual strain, helping you get in the zone and make your workout more hardcore. However, it can also lead to dehydration and troubles with the heart, if not used appropriately.

So, if you want to use a sauna suit to give your weight loss process a boost, here are some simple rules and information that will help you do that safely and correctly.

What exactly is a sauna suit, and what can it do for you?

A sauna suit is athletic clothing made from synthetic materials such as neoprene, specifically designed to help intensify sweating. Meant to be worn during exercise, sauna suits help preserve body heat, and they often have elasticated ankles and wrists to increase the metabolic rate.

In its essence, this is a transportable sauna, created to boost fitness and health significantly. When wearing it, your body works to adapt to the heat, which gives you the chance to experience all the benefits of a sauna without being inside one.

There are different weight loss sauna suits available. You can get full-body attire or individual pieces like body-shaping shorts, trousers, vests, tops or bras. There is also a variety of sizes and shapes and options for men and women alike.

The three most important perks of sauna suits are:

The science behind sauna suits

These aren’t just assumptions. Many researchers have tried to get to the bottom of sauna suits and identify their risks and rewards. For example, one study suggests that you can lose up to 40% more weight while wearing a sauna suit than you would with your regular workout routine.

In addition to weight-loss benefits, the researchers also tracked the comfort levels of the participants, who all reported the same level of ease as when wearing their regular workout clothes.

Choosing a sauna suit that’s right for you

Obviously, not all sauna suits are created equal. If you want to find the one that fits your goals and experience, you’ll need to consider a couple of factors.

First, let’s start with quality. If you’re just starting and you’re not a professional athlete, you certainly don’t need a top-quality expensive sauna suit. However, you do need to aim for the best quality you can get for the money you have. The basic thing to know is that you should avoid PVC and plastics. Aim for neoprene, which is durable and far more breathable than PVC. Unlike plastic suits, neoprene suits are easy to clean and maintain. They can be hand washed with some water and soap right after exercise.

If you’re just beginning with this “heat training,” it would probably be best to choose an individual piece according to your needs. You can start with a sauna top or shorts, do some moderate workouts, and see how your body reacts. Full-body suits and especially hooded suits are for experienced trainees.

The risks of working out in a sauna suit

There are numerous risks associated with exercising in sauna suits, especially when you’re not using them correctly or when you’re wearing poor-quality material.

In 1997 there was an extreme case when the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) banned the use of sauna suits because three wrestlers died as a result of using rapid weight-loss methods. These methods included exercising in a warm environment while wearing a sauna suit, along with restricting water and food intake.

Now, you can see for yourself how these outcomes can be avoided. The very idea of restricting water and ignoring the need for a proper diet, while simultaneously intensifying the workout conditions, is obviously ludicrous.

Besides dehydration, sweating in a sauna suit can cause minor skin problems, such as redness. If you have chronic inflammation from eczema, you should pay special attention to keeping your skin hydrated.

Sauna suit safety

To avoid these risks and remain safe while exercising in a sauna suit, follow these tips:

The bottom line is that sauna suits could be good for you and they could be bad for you. It’s about how you choose to use them. If you follow all the rules and put your safety first, you might experience the benefit of this weight-loss enhancer really soon. Just remember to start slow and move up gradually.


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