7 Ways Skinny Women Got Slim & Stayed Thin

picture of a skinny lady

1. Skinny women know how much to eat

Skinny women eat whatever they want whenever they want because they know exactly how much they need to eat to maintain their sexy figure and if they ever need to lose a few stubborn pounds…

Skinny women also know exactly how much they need to eat to lose weight.

NowLoss Diet: Eat whatever you want & still lose weight

2. Skinny women eat foods that fill them up fast

Skinny women mainly eat these weight loss foods or foods that fill them up & satisfy them quickly allowing them to eat just enough to stay skinny or get even slimmer.

Only a small part (if any) of a skinny woman's diet comes from these unhealthy sugary, salty & fatty foods

See the top 16 weight loss foods

3. Skinny women workout smarter not longer

Skinny women only workout for 10-to-40 minutes at a time doing HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training that burns fat faster than the longer 60+ minute low intensity cardio workouts.

10 workout rules to lose 10-to-15 pounds every 3 weeks

4. Skinny women build sexy muscles

Skinny women are smart enough to know that lifting weights WILL NOT make them look like a man and know that lifting weights or doing body sculpting exercises will only make them look sexier.

5. Skinny women use supplements the right way

4 ways protein helps you lose weight faster

6. Skinny women don't fight stress with food

Instead of dealing with stress by overeating & getting fatter… Skinny women deal with stress by exercising, hanging out with friends or doing other activities that don't involve eating.

100 easy ways to deal with stress

7. Skinny women drink water all the time

Skinny women have cravings for water like you have cravings for sodas because they know The more water you drink = The less fat you'll store and skinny women also know you'll never be able to burn off all your ugly fat if you don't drink enough water.

All you need to do is drink about 3-to-4 twenty ounce bottles of water a day to lose weight and You may lose a quick 5 pounds in your first week after you switched over to just drinking water.

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I'm 35...5 foot 4 inches... I want to lose 50 as soon as possible. How can I do this?

September 03, 2017


This is me again....sorry I messed up the details... I'm 31...5'4 and 216lbs.... looking to lose 50 asap

September 03, 2017

Adrian Bryant

by going here

September 04, 2017


Hey I m 19 years having 63 kg weight nd height is about 5'2 want to lose weight help me out .i go to the gym 2 months pased I m still on the same weight

March 19, 2017



March 12, 2017


i am 5ft 2 NS 8STONE. I hav an under active thyroid and want to lose weight. Ido not over eat and I walk a lot how can I lose a stone fast?

March 01, 2017

Nicole Gaines

Type your comments or questions here

September 29, 2016


Hi I'm 12 years old i'm 158-160 cm tall and I have 53 kg..I wanna lose weight on my legs and breast because everyone hates me that I have big breast and that I'm fat.. Can you please help me?

January 29, 2017


Hi you! First or all, youre not overweight at all. Far from! In a couple of years you will see your breasts as a blessing, and If someone "hates you" They are just jealous and not worthy of your thoughts. If you want to lose weight, try to go for a run sometimes and eat a lot of vegetables on the side of your dinner. Don't drink soda, only drink water. And Dont eat too much candy or fast food.
<3 take care

February 28, 2017

aniMeQueen Fischer

Hi! I'm 15 and 5'7 146 lbs. I would like to slim down to about 130 or 135, but I mostly want to lose the fat I have on my legs and arms(you know get lean and more toned) I've change my diet and I'm just trying to lose those few extra pounds before thanksgiving!!

September 15, 2016

Adrian Bryant

use this to get to 135

September 16, 2016


I'm 5'3" and my weight is 65.5 kg and I want my weight to be 59kg can you please help me get there.

June 18, 2016


I'm 15, almost 16, 5'1" and I weigh about 160 and I want to lose weight. What should I do?

May 30, 2016

Adrian Bryant

follow 1 of the plans here that is best for you

May 31, 2016

Bitch dude

just imagine urself like fat ugly bitch . no one is gonna love u for being fat do some exercises.think of urself , that u r short and weigh too much.So you have too many negative points try eliminating atleast one by not eating ! Whenever u look in mirror remember that u r a fat pig ! You should loose some pounds ! Try saying bitch i am fucking fat and look like a dirty pig never being loved by anyone ! do not drink soft drinks , cool drinks which makes u much and much uglier ! even ur parents would say "Bitch u r fat ugly filthy shit go get a life" !

July 13, 2016


Hi, I'm 15, 166 cm and 51 kg, I want to get down to 45 kg. What should I do?

May 24, 2016


Hey darl
Please don't think you need to lose weight you are already under!
I used to think I was to fat when I was 14 weighing 48 but I was very underweight!! It gave me depression and many other mental problems!
Love yourself for who you are eat healthy and proteins remember to treat yourself!!!

November 09, 2017


Im 16 and I am 5'1 or 5'2 and I weigh like 120 to 130 and I want to get back down to 105 any ideas how I can do that please let me know

May 11, 2016


Hi! I'm 1.57cm and currently weigh 52k. Before I got pregnant I was weighing 50 k. Now I have a lot of fat in the area of my tummy which makes my body look square. What should I eat and do to lose weigh and be slim. Thanks.

April 23, 2016


Hi I'm 15 and I weigh 60 pounds is that too skinny

April 21, 2016

Adrian Bryant

depends on your height

April 22, 2016


I'm 15 years old . My weight is 55 kg . I reay want but most of my diet plans has ruined off .Something goes wrong , i dont hv intention to eat but more food I consume everyday . What should I do ?

April 07, 2016

Adrian Bryant

are you trying to gain weight?

April 07, 2016


Hi, I am 4.9 and weigh 101 pounds. My goal weight is 88-89 pounds but I can't seem to get there. I have a problem with my portion control and how I feel unsatisfied after every meal. I want to become a model and get slimmer as well as getting lean muscles and I was wondering if you could help me?

March 25, 2016

Adrian Bryant

go here

March 26, 2016


Hi! I'm 5'9", and I weight roughly 62kg. My goal weight is 55kg. I exercise 5 days a week and also watch what I eat; I even have a food journal to keep track of the foods I consume. I just want to be a smaller size than I am right now but most times I lack the motivation to do anything though I keep a clean diet. Please help!!!

March 20, 2016

Adrian Bryant

this will take you to 55kg

March 21, 2016

Hayley Brown

Hi! I'm 15, 5'5 and weigh around 130-132 pounds. I struggle with periods of restriction and binge eating and the use of laxatives. I really need help getting down to 120 as I cannot trust myself to get there healthily. I need a meal plan and exercise plan that will help to not binge. Is there any way you could help? I would appreciate it soooo much! I'm willing to put in the time! Thank you so much! I just need something personalized! (:

February 17, 2016

Adrian Bryant

see this

February 18, 2016


Hi. Sorry, my previous E-Mail address was incorrect...

I am 14 and I have a very low self esteem because I'm not very fond of my body. I weigh 170 pounds and I'm 5'9. I would love to lose weight so I can be more confident. Right now I feel as if my size is holding me back from things I want to do. All of my friends are shorter and skinnier than me so I feel insecure about myself when I am with them. My ideal weight would be 140 pounds. I know it won't be easy, but I'm ready to work hard for it and do it even though it will be difficult. I really would love to hit my target weight. Please help.

January 11, 2016

Adrian Bryant

start here to get back to 140

January 11, 2016


I am 34 years old 5'1 and 167 pounds. I am a mother of three and would love to lose that belly fat. I don't drink soda mostly just water and a cup of coffee a day. What can I do to get back to 120 pounds in two months? Please help!!!!

January 05, 2016


I'm 176 cm tall, and weight 53 kg, I'm skinny and I have muscles, but my upper legs are a bit bulky(not fatty, but build from big muscles), I want legs like those russian girls, whatever my ideal weight would be 49kg.

November 10, 2015


You need to do more cardio! Do not do anymore weights for your legs. Do 1 hour cardio 5 days a weeks with proper nutrition and you'll see results. To have lean, long muscle and get rid of the bulky look like legs you need streching, yoga or pilates. Do this before your aerobic and after at least 15minutes.

December 04, 2015

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