You Don't Need Nitric Oxide Supplements

nitric oxide

Before I get into the many reasons why you should not invest in Nitric Oxide supplements let me first say that The only thing that will actual build muscle in your body is protein so as far as supplements go…

Protein supplements like Whey protein, casein protein, egg protein and meal replacement shakes are the only kinds of supplements you will need to invest in to build muscle fast and you probably will not even have to spend a dime on protein supplements if you have the time to get all of your protein from regular food sources like lean meats, beans and nuts.

The basic theory behind all these Nitric oxide supplements like force factor, NO2, NO Explode is that they give you a better pump by increasing the blood flow throughout your body and to this day there is no independent study that guarantees these supplements actually do that but let's pretend for a moment that these supplements actually did what they say which is increase blood flow to give you a better pump…

Instead of spending $60 or more for one of these supplements just to get a better pump…

You see, the basic premise of Nitric Oxide supplements is that they increase the levels arginine in the body and that causes a release of nitric oxide in the body increasing your blood flow and as a side note: most protein supplement already have the amino acid arginine in them but…

Arginine has been used to try to help cure erectile dysfunction so you can think of Nitric Oxide supplements sort of like Viagra for your muscles but there are many other free ways you can increase blood flow in your body without wasting $60 a bottle for a 2-to-4 week supply.

Remember: Nitric Oxide does not actually build muscle it just gives you better pump which temporarily makes you look bigger so if this magical supplement did work you would always have to take it to maintain the fake muscle mass you think you gained from taking the Nitric Oxide supplement.

It's all about protein, protein, and more protein plus eating the right amounts of carbs and fats along with lifting weights to build muscle fast and there are not too many supplements outside of protein that will actually help you build muscle.

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This article is completely one sided and really seems like it's written from an inexperienced point of view. Very intelligently written but inexperienced... I myself work out 3-3 1/2 hours every other day and take NO and WHEY PROTEIN...
I take NO about 15 to 20 minutes before my work out and can FEEL the effects and have SEEN the results... You work harder and last longer, you get a second wind they will blow away any adrenaline rush you ever had before.... And I've went from being an overweight man of 5'7 and 215 pounds who couldn't run a mile but used to be an athlete to dropping down to about 195 a LOT more muscle and running 3 miles and dragging a tired almost 2 miles

October 09, 2017


Also read this.

November 14, 2014


I used one cycle of nos and it on muscle and.bring up my max lift and since i stopped taking it i can still lift as much as i could on it and i only paid 13 bucks for 60 tabs nos works great my.bench press went from 220 to 295 and i have not taking it in years and can still lift that much nos helps alot with indurance and muscle.gain and with muscle fatigue

November 14, 2014


True nitric oxide doesn't build muscle directly, but it sure helps with recovery as it is a vasodilator and thus you'll be able to train more frequently. Obviously results of lifting are dependant on nutrition..

September 27, 2014


i just love this website . it has helped me a lot . You guys are doin a gr8 job

October 18, 2013


Hi Adrian,
I love your website... I follow these things and they are working. Everyday I work at weight loss. Does it ever become second nature?

June 05, 2012

Adrian bryant

for some people it does

June 05, 2012

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