Will Smith's workout routines for Ali, I robot & I am legend

To go from the skinner 185 lb. actor to a 220 lb. boxer for Ali… Will Smith Smith worked out 5 days a week for 6 hours a day which included lots of running (for endurance) and boxing training for the Ali movie but…

Will Smith mainly picked up his muscular frame from the weight training he did one year prior to the Ali movie and during that year his bench press went from 175 pounds to 365 pounds and…

You don't have to train 6 hours a day to get the same type of body Will Smith had in Ali because you must realize that… Most of Will Smith's grueling 6 hour a day workout regimen for Ali consisted of boxing technique training so…

An easier way for you to get the same body Will Smith had in Ali is to…

How Will Smith dropped his body fat to a low 7.5% for I, Robot

To regain the muscle he had lost After filming Ali & to also get an even more ripped (muscularly defined) body…

Will Smith basically went back to his same 5 day a week training schedule which consisted of running 5 miles a day and…

For the weight training routine he would focus on 1-to-2 body parts each day but…

The main reason why Will Smith got a low 7.5% body fat was that he slowly cut his calories and he cut out junk food so…

For you to get big & ripped like Will Smith was in I Robot…

How Will Smith lost 20 pounds for I am Legend

During an interview Will Smith said…

"I have a much easier time losing weight (for I am Legend) than putting weight on. Ali was fifty times harder trying to put weight on than to drop."

The reason why it's easy for Will Smith to lose weight is because he has a very high metabolism from his training for Ali & I Robot so…

To get a body like Will Smith…

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There are 14 comments

lol'd at 7.5% bf xD he is around 10-12%

people have no idea about body fat who living outside and skinnyfat shets

go and take an account in bb forums!

sry about bad english

February 03, 2016


My request which brand of protein supplement did actor will smith used to build muscle in his film I robot please send me a mail as early

April 03, 2014

adrian bryant

dont know what protein he used

April 03, 2014


Not 7.5 .. Probably taken with caliper which is notorious for being off. Anyways allways take what they say with a grain of salt meaning they never really tell all there full workouts its usualy stretched a bit anyways. The true secret of his diet besides the obvious of genetics(so no you probably wont look like him,but dont hesitate putting in work the dedicated can ALL achieve greateness), his real secret is steroids and hgh .thats the way the buisness goes..

October 21, 2013


175 bench to 365 in one year?
I'm very skeptical

August 25, 2013


how can i get body like 'will smith'??

May 04, 2012


you can't, it's all about genetics, maybe in your next life

May 19, 2012


u idiotic fuckhead, its not about genetics u fuck, its about hard work and dedication. You must be a fat slob to think that it is all "genetics". Just because your lazy ass can not get up and do some lifting now and then, does not at all mean that it is not possible, you ignorant fuck.

June 30, 2012


jusst playin Jon, i respect ur comment, haha i was just messin around bro

June 30, 2012


i am a best fan of will smith

April 17, 2013


Genetics play a role you idiot, of course they do! Surely you've heard the phrase 'Athletes are born and not made' - just take a look at the 100m sprint finalist's at every Olympics, and that isn't a racist comment, its a fact.

Although, genetics play apart in your body shape and composition that shouldn't put you off achieving your goals. Everybody is different and most people want to be like somebody else thats only natural!

But you can only play with what you've got. if you're a skinny guy and find it hard to gain weight, its simple you have to EAT more! If you find you are gaining too much weight and a significant amount of that weight gain happens to be fat, then you need to cut down on your carb intake. Your body can only produce so much lean muscle mass and the extra fat, is due to eating too many calories. If you get it right, you can gain lbs and lbs of lean muscle mass!

PS your the ignorant fuck, some people just don't have the education, experience or knowledge, when it comes to training. Why don't you be constructive, rather than insult the guy? Oh i forget your a 'key board warrior'.

April 18, 2013


Actually it is about genetics buddy. You can't get a body exactly the same as him because he has different genetics than you. Maby you have really shit genetics when it comes to chest, that means you can gym and eat like Will but it will be much harder to get a chest like his cause of your genetics.Everyone has different genetics so by following his routine it might not do anything for you, everyone is different. And don't be so aggressive no one wants to know you're juicing.

September 09, 2013


I guess you must be a fan of action movies or some violent ones...or you must have been living with people who fuck each other everyday, but , i do prefer your attitude of workout, very positive and passionate....

October 29, 2013

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