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See exactly How Much weight you'll lose doing any type of stationary biking…

Here's a workout you can do on a stationary bike…

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Adrian Bryant

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I am 26yrs and weigh 150lbs. I am slightly hypothyroid and I rarely get my periods. I would like to lose weight to make everything normal. Please help me. Will this exercise help me lose 35lbs in 6 months.

August 17, 2013


I am sixteen years old, and i am about 135 lbs and would like to lose about 23 in two and a half months doing this on a stationary bike. any more tips to lose the weight?

June 18, 2012


iam 13 years old and weigh 220 pounds give me the best way to reduce my weight...i want to way atleat 70 pounds in 6 months !!! please help me ...will stationary bike help me to reduce weight?

January 04, 2012

Adrian Bryant

go here to lose weight but don't expect to get down to 70 pounds

January 05, 2012 en Espanol
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