10 Ways To Sleep Better Every Night

Keeping skin clean and clear is not very easy to achieve. The tips are simple but daily commitments to keep doing what is only good to your skin is also a requirement. You have to commit to eating healthy, exercising, sleeping sufficiently, and adhering to a skincare routine that suits your skin type, age and skin issues.

What does science have to say about sleep deprivation and skin health?

Sleep deprivation, other than prolonged sun exposure and natural senescence, has been pointed out to contribute significantly to skin aging. Several studies have found a link between aging and misbehaving skin, including oily skin issues, and insufficient sleep.

One such study is a study published in the Clinical and Experimental Dermatology of the British Association of Dermatologists in 2014 which revealed:

The study was conducted among 60 caucasian women in good health status.

How to get to sleep earlier, deeper and longer each night

If you’ve been a night owl for decades, you’ll have to ease in your body to get the rest and sleep it deserves little by little every night. If you have a history of insomnia, checking your medications and getting a proper prescription from your family doctor may be necessary.

Regardless of your case, that is, whether or not your prolonged lack of sleep is due to a clinically diagnosed illness or, you’re mind is just plain too active to shut down, below are 10 tips to help you give your body and your skin the good rest they deserve:

1. Go to bed at the same time every night

Getting sufficient sleep requires you to train your mind and your body. Work backwards, that is, if you need to get up by 6 am then, you should get yourself to bed between 10 and 11 in the evening.

2. Allow yourself to wind down 30 minutes to an hour before your bedtime

Don’t start exercising just when you are about to go to bed. Give yourself a few minutes to find a relaxing thing to do before you hit the sheets — and, yes that includes performing the full list of your skincare routine slowly but surely.

3. Turn off your gadgets

Tinkering with your phone or tablet while in bed is often what causes you to forget the time and stay up late. Your gadgets are making your mind busy and active. Let your callers wait until you are on-call once again the day after.

4. Turn off the television

TV is another culprit that robs you off of sleep. Ban it from all bedrooms in your home.

5. Fill your room with a relaxing scent

Burn an incense or a pot of essential oil to induce your senses to relax. Jasmine and lavender can be used to cleanse off excess oil from your oily skin, and these set a sleepy ambiance with their scents.

6. Take a warm bath.

Help your body to relax with a warm bath. Ease those tensed nerves with a quick dip in lukewarm water.

7. Listen to spa music

The repeated sounds of nature — running water, chirping birds and rainfall relax your senses.

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8. Turn off the lights and pull the covers

Light wakes up your mind. Don’t wake up before it’s time for you to go.

9. Kick out or limit caffeine intake

It’s well known how caffeine can keep you awake so don’t take a cup just an hour to three hours before you hit the bed.

10. Keep the lights dim when you need to get out of bed

Sometimes you can’t help but get up to pee or wet your lips with water. Try to do these tasks before going to bed and keep the lights low when you have to get up in the middle of the night.

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Not only does your skin cells go into overdrive repairing and resetting damages in your skin matrix but, the cells throughout your body go into the same mode to give you an overnight rejuvenation no anti-aging cream can ever come close to perform for you.

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Lisiana is a renowned independent researcher and is studying the impact of technology in the beauty industry. She is passionate about beauty, makeup, fashion, fitness, health and skincare industry. She holds a Ph.D. in beauty and has been writing on beauty and skin care related topics from past 10 years. You can follow her at the beauty insiders

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