How to Lose More Weight with Water, Yoga and Sleep

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If we are to change the quality of our life we must change the quality of our mind and body. Biological changes can be in both the structure of the living tissue, all the way down to a cellular level, and the ability of the brain to function properly.

This means that before we even get into the metaphysical aspect of changing ones "self" we can improve the mind through improving the body on a structural level, as the brain is an organ of the body.

Now, on a deeper level we can affect significant psychological changes by changing the way we perceive ourselves and the feedback we get from other people as they interact with us.

Confidence in your own abilities, being alert and ready to process much more information so you can deal with problems easier and being content with our appearance are all important aspects of improving as a human being.

These things form a basis for further improvement and are the initial steps that must be taken if we are to make any progress in calming our mind and working towards achieve mastery over our emotions and desires through meditation.

Back to the drawing board

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If we are to keep our bodies healthy we must try to focus and work hard. The problem is that we often forget about the basics while trying to become better at something - this is the case in many aspects of life besides weight loss, like for example sports, jobs and artistry.

Weight loss being a combination of many things it becomes much easier to get carried away and forget to keep a solid foundation. This is when see a lack of progress after a while, despite the fact that we are working hard and dieting like crazy.

A healthy way of losing weight means losing it gradually. Another important aspect is keeping your body working properly throughout the weight loss process by supplying it with the recommended daily amount of essential nutrients. This healthy way of doing things includes:

Before you ask, no, resting and sleeping aren't the same thing. Yes there are four different bullet points pertaining specifically to diet, two on recuperation and just one on exercise. Some of you might just be realizing the reasons for their slow progress or lack thereof.

Simply focusing on working your muscles and strengthening the cardio-vascular system isn't enough to affect significant weight loss. Good nutrition and an increasingly lower calorie intake.

People often drop the ball on that "increasingly lower" part when dieting, meaning that as they lose weight their body requires fewer calories for maintenance and they keep eating the same portions as they did when they were bigger.

This is only part of the problem. The last three points are overlooked with an alarming frequency, even amongst professional athletes who strive to work harder and harder allowing the body no time to rest and regenerate tissue.

How water affects weight loss

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We have already mention a thing or two about the importance of proving your body with a sufficient amount of essential nutrients, and water my friends is THE essential nutrient.

A great big part of our body is comprised of water - without it we can't even function on a cellular level, let alone "the walking around, thinking about life and writing poetry" advanced levels of being that we are accustomed to.

What it boils down to is increasing the efficiency with which our cells can perform tasks, some of which include braking down fat and sugar, delivering oxygen and so on.

There is however even simpler reasons for water's ability to help us lose weight:

Water therefore has both an essential role of keeping us alive, healthy and strong, as well as a secondary role as a great appetite suppressant. So it helps us eliminate sugar from our diet, limits our calorie intake and it is perfectly healthy, without any added chemicals and all that comes with zero added calories.

In addition to this, natural mineral water contains a higher content of essential nutrients from a natural source. Springs of mineral water have been known since Roman times, some locations in Europe are even specifically mentioned in historic legal documents and maps.

The benefits of good nutrition and hydration to the body have been known since ancient times it seems.

How yoga affects weight loss

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The major problems that can occur during weight loss, especially if a person has a high-stress full-time job to worry about on the side, are mental and physical fatigue and comfort eating.

It is not uncommon for person with a full time-job to become mentally exhausted and/or bored at work, to be stressed out and get very little sleep.

All these factors are causes of fatigue and coupled with a limited diet that often leaves a person feeling a little hungry (and therefore grumpy) and exhaustion from exercise can lead to additional stress, thus locking a person in a self-perpetuating circle of tiredness and irritability.

This is where yoga comes into play. Yoga can help you:

The importance of a good night's sleep

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Sleep is the universal hormone regulator. The mafia has enforcers to deal with insubordinate elements and our body has sleep. Getting enough sleep is important for:

The body needs its rest, feeling drowsy all day can make you highly irritable, more likely to overeat and lack of sleep is connected to some serious health issues including high blood-pressure and heart disease.

Sleeping like a baby will help your muscles grow bigger and reduce recovery time, eat less food per meal and less meals per day, and most importantly it will keep you alert and fresh.

These are some simple facts, the basis of a good and healthy life in any case, but also great ways to improve your weight loss.

Even underweight individuals can follow this simple routine of drinking more water, practicing yoga every day and sleeping more every night to help them achieve opposite results, i.e. gain some lean muscle mass.

The fact is, knowing the basics and applying them in your day-to-day life will promote a healthy bodyweight, physique and mentality. It costs nothing, it is simple and useful, there is no reason not to introduce these few simple changes into your life.

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