Great list of supplements for increased energy

Energy supplements and energy drinks are more popular than ever, and supermarkets are filled with competing products. With our hectic lives, people often wish they had more energy, and the idea of taking a pill for quick energy is appealing.

Here is a guide to some of the supplements which can boost your energy, divided into categories based on how they work.

Metabolism boosters

These supplements help your body more effectively metabolize the nutrients you get in your food. The metabolic process breaks down the foods you eat, so that your body can convert them into energy.

While these supplements have been proven to affect metabolism, some people will feel more of an energy boost from them than others.


If you're feeling a mid-afternoon slump coming on, then what you probably need is a stimulant. These supplements can give you a quick energy boost, so you're focused and moving again.


Your body burns calories in order to get energy, so products in this third category provide calories as a way of boosting your energy. When you eat an energy bar, or have an energy gel or energy drink, you are taking in some added calories. Usually these energy products contain high-glycemic carbs, so that they get into your blood stream rapidly, giving you a quick boost in blood sugar. The plus side of this is that it can give you a quick shot of energy. The down side is that it can also cause a surge in your insulin level, and over the long run, relying on these could lead to inflammation and other side effects.

In spite of a wide array of supplements to boost your energy levels, it's still important to eat proper food. The body can't live solely on supplementation; use vitamins to fill in the gaps and compensate with nutrients that can't be taken from food, and you'll have the healthiest, most energized physique.

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