What are Supersets?

A Super Set is where you do 2 exercises back to back without any rest so for example…

Doing a bench press for 10 reps followed immediately by you doing bench rows for 10 reps would be ONE Superset and…

Here's some basic guideline you want to follow when doing supersets…

It's best to do supersets with one pushing exercise that works your chest, shoulders & triceps and one pulling exercise that works your back & biceps because…

If you're going to do 2 pushing or two pulling exercises back to back in your superset make sure that you either use light-to-moderate weights for both exercises OR make sure that only one of the exercises in your superset has you using heavy weights (like a compound exercise) while the other has you using light-to-moderate weights (like an isolation exercise) so for example…

When doing supersets for your legs follow the same rules…

Play the video below to see an example of me doing a superset of Dips and Pull-ups

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Adrian, can you please explain to me what a superset is in more detail? I know you mentioned what it is above but I'm still confused:)

For example, let's say my goal is to do 6 machines for my work out for day one (3 pairs of machine exercises total). So i start with the first two exercises back to back (let's say chest and back) and from my understanding I am now done with 1 superset. Do I now move to my next pair of exercises doing only one set of each back to back and then move to my last pair of exercises also doing them back to back and that's it? In other words is my workout supposed to end there or do I go back again to the first pair of exercises and repeat the process again? because looking at it, if I don't repeat the process, that means I will only have done one set of each exercise for that day. Is that enough for a workout? Please explain.

July 12, 2015

Adrian Bryant

Well if you have 3 pais of machines then you can do 1-toXnumber of supersets on each of those pairs

July 14, 2015


When one does supersets (eg: bench press & chest flies), which is a mass and shaping exercise OR a superset with opposing muscle groups (chest & back)......Can these supersets still be done when one's goal is hypertrophy (muscle building)????...or is it only recommended for endurance?............and if one is "not supersetting" and doing hypertrophy is it better to finish one muscle group first before moving onto another....(eg: 1 chest exercise x 3 sets with proper rest in between followed by another different chest exercise x 3 sets, then move onto the different back exercises)......or can you alternate (eg: 3 sets of one chest exercise with proper rest, then 3 sets of a back exercise with proper rest....then a 3 sets of a different chest exercise, then 3 sets of a different back exercise)?...Thank you!

April 23, 2013

Adrian Bryant

a superset can be 2 exercises back-to-back no matter what they are.

supersets can be done to accomplish any muscle building goal

supersets are mainly used to save time and to also ramp up intensity for better results (depending how you use the superset) but you can still get the results you want doing regular sets

April 24, 2013


If i was to eat lots of carbs and do stomach exercises and toning exercises would i be able to get bigger breasts and keep a small stomach?

July 24, 2012

Adrian bryant

lots of carbs will probably hold you back depending on how many total calories you eat and doing stomach exercises do very little to remove belly fat

July 24, 2012


Hi Adrian, im 28 years old about 220lbs, 6ft 3. I work as a postal worker so im walking around 7-8 miles a day, started doing weights and working out regularly about 4 months ago, I feel like im steadily getting stronger, and can feel muscle developing underneath my fat, the only problem that i seem to have is that the muscle doesnt seem to be filling out, my man boobs and stomach(which have held my life back for the last 15 years or so) just don't seem to be reducing, I'm hoping that you cud please help me with sum specific workouts and/or dietary advice just to target the weight loss in these areas?

Much Appreciated

June 17, 2012


Hey Tommy,
I'm not a personal trainer or anything, and I know you posted this forever ago, but I am 6'5 and can tell you from lots of personal experience and extensive reading that us tall guys have it hard. We have bigger frames, therefore we have longer muscles, and it takes us longer to fill those muscles out than shorter guys. You could go to the gym and do the same routine as a guy who's 5'10 and in three months he will look much bigger than you, even though you will be just as strong. That's because he doesn't have to fill the area that we do. I've been lifting for years, and if you were to look at me, you would never guess that I'm as strong as I am. As far as diet goes, cut those carbs if you're trying to get leaner. Count your calories. If you aren't burning more a day than what you are eating, then you aren't losing weight. Simple enough. Don't do that "salad and special k" crap. Your weight lifting will never improve and you'll lose more muscle than fat. You need protein and good fat. You just have to pay attention to what you eat. I have recently started cutting and changed my routine to a more "fat" burning routine. Goes like this...

Monday - Supersets - Chest/back 5x9 - Run 2 minutes - Chest/back 5x9 - Run 2 minutes - Chest/triceps 5x9 - Run 2 minutes. I do this routine with Maybe 30 second breaks after each 2 minute tredmill run. I'm in and out of the gym in an hour.

The sets are Flat Bench/Cable Rows, Flat Machine presses/Lat pull downs and Incline bench press/tricep cable pulls to be specific.

Thursday - Repeat Monday

Friday - Legs, abs and shoulders. Squats/Decline Situp's 5x9, Leg press/Medicine ball throws 5x9, and Shoulder presses/Shoulder shrugs 5x9. I don't usually run on leg day just because my legs are already worn out.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday - Rest. Some saturday mornings I'll go for a run with my dog, if my legs don't feel like jelly from the leg workout the day before, but jogging on rest days won't hurt imo. Just be sure that you don't do so much that you don't have any energy on actual lifting days. You don't want your lifting to lag.

I've cut my food intake in half as well, from when I was bulking. Take pictures of yourself from week to week to see the progress. I try not to weigh myself. I worry more about how I look in the mirror than how I look on the scale. You can gain muscle weight and lose fat weight, so it's kind of hard to judge sometimes on the scale. Get a small notebook that fits in your back pocket as well and write down Everything you eat and drink every day. Take a look at it at the end of the week and see what you can cut out. You'll find there are a lot of things you can get rid of. I did that a few years ago and decided to cut out soda completely. I haven't had it in three years now. I think I lost 10lbs just from that alone.

And the last, but most importantly, GET PLENTY OF REST.

Just try not to get discouraged. Being our height and having to fill out our size frame is hard, but being a tall, well built man is an impressive thing. Hope any of this helps.

December 03, 2012


thank you man very much... Actually i had the same issue. Im 6'3'' 91kg i did regress workout for last 6 months but i didn't find much changes on my body. Yeah off course its come in shape but muscles are not much as i expected, i also lost 10 pounds of weight.
I do believe in hard training that's why made gym plan like this regular training + superset.
Regular training include one muscle exercise of different type lets say Chest press, bench flys and others each 4 X 12reps.
And superset of other muscles like shoulders, biceps, triceps, lat and back.

but i do proper rest and eat well too.

Is my plan is right or m i doing much workout a day?

If no, Can you please explain me why? Or how can i do a good quality of exercise which give me muscle growth + lean shape.

thanks in advance :)

June 27, 2013


Hi Adrian, great site, really clear and informative. I presently workout doing weighted squats followed by dips and then pull ups (palms facing). Is this enough for building good upper body strength and definition? I feel that perhaps I should be adding some isolation exercises too. Perhaps close grip lat pull downs or hammer curls. What do you think? Thanks in advance.

May 19, 2012

Adrian Bryant

yes, dips and pullups alone are enough to get a good looking upper body

May 20, 2012


i do 30 push ups then 40 sit ups in 2 different positions , and then train with 10 kilo dumbbells and running everyday for the last month and feeling great is it bad for my body in the long run

February 24, 2012

Adrian Bryant

Not at all - this will not hurt you in the long run

February 24, 2012

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