How to use pre-exhaust to work lagging body parts

Whenever you're having a hard time making a particular muscle on your body look better… you can pre-exhaust that muscle to make it work harder to help make that muscle look better, get bigger or look more defined so…

To pre-exhaust a muscle you're having a hard time trying to make look better…

Lets say you're having a hard time getting your thigh muscles to grow - what you would do is…

Here's more example s of how to pre-exhaust muscles…

You don't have to do the example pre-exhaust workouts above but…

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I have a pec more developed. Upper and putter area of my right pec is much more thicker. I just started learning about pre-exhaust workouts. so should I do incline pec flys with one arm. To just target my left pec and then do bench. Or should I still do flys with both arms to target the chest? Currently I just been doing one side flys 3 sets 20 reps. Then I go into my workout but I use hammer machines since it isolates each side. Do you think that's a good plan if not can you recommend something. As this issue has really been bothering me a lot. And I have not always been like this. I'm 33 yrs old. And only this last year my right pec grew uneven but my left pec is still in high school lol

May 20, 2012

Adrian Bryant

you can certainly try that but if you are concerned about this then it's best to not use barbells and use dumbbells instead to equally isolate both areas f your chest

May 20, 2012

Sofia i can do less rep in my stronger leg, but using the same amount of weight to both legs, so they became equal right?

What do you think about the clam shell exercise with weights for hips? And what's the main difference between dead lifts and stiff dead lifts?

February 05, 2012

Adrian Bryant

you can do that but that's something you really should not stress over since everybody has a side that is SLIGHTLY bigger than the other and I can guarantee you that you're the only one who notices.

The deadlift hits your BUTT more while the stiff hits the HAMS more

February 05, 2012


I'm used to do single leg versions of some exercises, and it was after that i started nottesting the difference in my butt and legs, but only when i'm with jeans.
That being said, when i'm doing single leg versions, should i do on my weaker side more rep or more weight?

I thought that the pre-exhaust train had to be done without any weights, since you say to do butt bridges 1-2 set 12-25 rep..?
I did it before squats with heavy weights, 4 sets,8-12rep.. decreasing the number of rep and increasing weight every set..but the funny thing is that i didn't feel much on my butt but most on my harmstrings.

Another question..i do an workout A and a workout B for my lower body(except calves), each of them 1 time per week, working butt,quads, hams and lower back. And i want to know if in your opinion it is better to do this way or have just one workout and doing it twice a week?

February 03, 2012

Adrian Bryant


Just always begin the workout on your weaker leg first and then do the same number of reps on with your stronger leg OR you can do less sets & reps with stronger leg.

You're correct about the 12-to-25 rep but the 6-to-12 rep in my butt workout works just as well since you are doing a compound squat like exercise after the bridges or thrust.

2x a week is fine as long as your are progressing with heavier weights, more reps and/or sets each workout

February 05, 2012


Doing butt bridges as a pre-exhaust train, do i have to do it with light weights or no weights at all, or can i do it with heavy weights that the goal will be achieved anyway?

My right side (butt and leg) it's a little more developed than the left side, what should i do to make them the same size? Use more weight or do more rep on the left side? I have no idea..please help me.

February 02, 2012

Adrian Bryant

You can do it with the regular weights as seen in my butt programs using a weight heavy enough to let you only do 6-12 reps.

TO make even you should do the single leg versions of the exercises

February 03, 2012

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