How to Do Partial Reps to build more muscle…

What exactly are partial reps?

A partial rep is anything less than a full rep so if you do pushup without coming all the way down and touching your chest to the floor then that's a partial rep and you can play the video below to see various examples of partial reps being done…

2 ways you can use partial reps to build muscle faster…

1. Use partial reps to do more reps

You can use partial reps to help you do more reps on a set so you can extend the set helping you increase the intensity of a set to help you build more muscle so for example…

2. You can do heavy partial reps

You can also do heavy partial reps where you use 90% or more of your 1-rep max  (or the most weight you can lift one time) and do multiple reps with that weight so for example…

Doing lots of partial reps using heavier weights that are 90% or more of your 1-rep max is a good way to increase the intensity of your muscle building workouts to help you build muscle faster and it'll also help you break out of a muscle building plateau so…

You can take your regular workout and replace it with nothing but heavier partial reps just to give you something new in your workouts but heavy partial reps should only be done in a rack or smith machine if you're by yourself or make sure you get a partner or spotter if no rack or smith machine is available.

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You don't advise a sets and reps scheme, nor specific exercises, nor do you even outline any examples of a training routine. So . . . why did you even write this small, uninformative article that doesn't explain much of anything useful at all???

March 14, 2013

Adrian Bryant

this article is just about partial reps. for what you want... go here

March 15, 2013

dave tarver

When I was younger late teens to earlier 20's I used to workout but I didn't have any knowledge about locking out or anything I seemed to have better results then then now because everyone in prison and jail was telling me to lockout when I wasn't used to it. To make a long story short, not locking out and partial reps in my opinion, give better results.

February 12, 2013


For upper body 2 times a week I started doing 3 sets of bench press with pull-ups in between sets, then 3 sets of incline bench with rows in between sets, 2 sets of dips with dumbbell push-up rows in between, and two sets of tricep pull downs with curls in between sets. Is that working the muscle groups too hard in a day?

June 04, 2012

Adrian bryant

that does not seem like it's too much but as you get stronger you will need to go to 1-2x per week

June 05, 2012

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