How to Get Luscious Hair

7 Tips to Increase Hair Volume

increase hair volume

1. Eat Leafy Greens

Having healthy, luscious hair starts from the inside.

2. Massage Your Scalp Regularly

Healthy circulation is very important if you want to keep your hair follicles nourished.

3. Choose Your Shampoo Carefully

4. Use a Volume Boosting Shampoo & Conditioner

5. Towel Dry Your Hair with Care

towel dry volumize hair

Experts say the vigorous drying of hair is one of the main causes of damage and breakage.

6. Cut Off Damaged Hair

7. Avoid Harsh Hair Products

Consult a Hair Specialist

In some cases, thinning hair is a result of a medical condition. If you are noticing a significant amount of hair loss, you may be suffering from a condition such as androgenetic alopecia.

There are other medical issues like those that involve the thyroid which can cause thinning hair. A hair care specialist can help you find the best treatment for your condition.

More Tips to Volumize Hair

Adrian Bryant
Adrian, I'm Only Down 22 Pounds in 3 Weeks with your plan Why haven't I lost 30 lbs. by now? Please respond ASAP!!!Naomi Wiley
There are 2 comments

Hi I'm 70 kilos and 170cm's tall.I've tried some of your workouts and ate clean almost all the time for 2 months but I don't have that much progress. Can I please get help? TNKS

November 10, 2018

Adrian Bryant

eationg clean means nothing. did you track calorie intake?

November 10, 2018

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