How Fast Can I Gain Muscle Mass?

Quick Answer: Expect to gain up to 30 pounds (or more depending on how small & weak your muscles are) in your first year and then less than 5-to-15 pounds each year after that.

How fast you gain muscle depends on how weak or strong your muscles are before you start working out to build muscle so you need to understand that…

Your muscles get bigger as they get stronger meaning…

This Picture Is an Example of How Fast You Can Gain Muscle…

how fast can i gain muscle

The Weaker Your Muscles Are = The Faster You'll Gain Muscle

But this is only true for the muscles you're going to train so for example…

If you already have big strong 19 inch arms and skinny weak chicken legs then you're going to end up getting bigger legs faster than the time it'll take you to gain another ½ inch of muscle on your arms so just because you've been working out for a long time doesn't always mean you'll build muscle slower than someone who is just starting out.

The ONLY thing that determines how fast you gain muscle is how weak or strong your muscles are.

Begin to Gain Muscle Fast

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