Beware of the Hormone Disruptors In Your Cart

You may be unconsciously purchasing products that can cause you and your hormones harm. Hormone disruptors are chemicals normally found in many everyday products such as plastic bottles, metal cans, detergents, toys, cosmetic products, and the like.

What are hormone disruptors?

Hormone or endocrine disruptors are either natural or man-made chemicals that may interfere with the body's endocrine system the body system that helps control bodily activity through hormone secretions.

The presence of endocrine disrupting chemicals, or EDCs, affects not only humans but also the environment and wildlife. It has harmful effects on the reproduction, growth and development of certain species in the wildlife population.

In humans, EDCs increase risks of reproductive disorders, cancers, and other serious health conditions.

How do hormone disruptors act in your body?

Studies have discovered that hormone or endocrine disruptors adversely influence the endocrine system and its hormonal functions. These hormone disruptors can:

What are the hormone disruptors to avoid?

You often unknowingly purchase products that contain hormone disruptors or EDCs. Here are 10 of the most dangerous hormone disruptors you should avoid and be aware of when you shop:

The hormone or endocrine disruptors found in many household products are seriously dangerous but are never totally banned. Make sure to educate yourself about these chemicals so you could avoid and dispose of them immediately.

Disruption of hormones is no joke. Be smart and shop smart. Stay away from the hormone disruptors you might be placing in your cart!

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