Good News for Dieters and Coffee Lovers!

Have you heard? Coffee, in its unroasted, raw form can be a beneficial part of your weight loss plan. Last April, Dr. Joe Vinson presented findings at the 243rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) about a research study performed on green coffee and weight loss.

In the study participants were given different amounts of green coffee and then their weight loss, BMI and body fat percentages were tracked.

Each of the participants dropped more weight when they consumed 1,050mg of green coffee each day than when they took a placebo.

The study ran 22 weeks - enough time to see some significant results for the participants.

This may sound like pseudo-science babble, but the results of the study are clear. Participants did nothing else other than follow their normal routine. They didn't change their eating pattern nor did they increase their physical activity. It was the mere addition of green coffee to their diet that turbo-charged their fat loss.

This information was enough to get the attention of the scientific community, the media and, of course, some of the biggest food manufacturers around so don't be surprised to see green coffee supplements pop up on your grocer's shelf in the near future.

Some of you probably even watched the announcement that green coffee burns fat fast in the Dr. Oz show…

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What Exactly is Green Coffee?

It may sound like something a fast food restaurant would offer on Saint Patrick's Day, but green coffee isn't green at all, it is just not cooked. The coffee you make in a Keurig or buy at your local coffee shop consists of beans that are roasted before being brewed into a tasty beverage. Roasting is a form of cooking, and heating the beans makes for great drinking, but is not particularly helpful for your weight loss efforts.

Green coffee, on other hand, refers to unprocessed coffee in its raw bean form, just the way it looks when you get it right from the coffee plant. If you grind the bean and brew it you will notice that it lacks the rich, warm flavor and taste of the normal coffee drink - the beverage that we have all come to love.

What is it in Green Coffee that Causes Weight Loss?

The chlorogenic acid in raw coffee beans is what causes the weight loss effect. There is evidence that this polyphenol inhibits amylase and pancreatic lipase - two enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract that breakdown starch and fat. This blocks intestinal glucose and lipid absorption and decreases the caloric intake leading to weight loss. Roasting eliminates chlorogenic acid, and renders the coffee useless for weight loss, the author of the study explains.

Can you eat raw coffee beans? No one is going to like the idea of chewing up the plain, unroasted beans. Raw coffee beans are not very tasty. I wouldn't want to try one, since they are supposed to be very bitter. So how did they make green coffee palatable enough to choke down?

How Does it Work?

Instead of trying to swallow a bitter coffee extract in liquid form, the participants in the study were able to take a powdered form of the coffee inside a capsule. They had to take the capsules three times a day, since 1,050mg of coffee extract takes up a lot of room, and a single capsule would be literally too big to swallow. The ideal dosage, according to the study, appears to be just a bit over 1,000mg of coffee extract per day.

As Dr. Vinson reported, since no participants dropped out of the study, and there were no observed side effects, green coffee is an ingredient to watch if you are interested in natural, non-chemical weight loss supplements.

Where Can I Find Green Coffee?

While you may not see green coffee supplements on the shelf of your local drug store just yet, the promising results of the recent study make the extract very attractive to food and supplement manufacturers. So far, coffee giant Starbucks has already released a new green coffee based energy beverage, which uses a sparkling fruit juice to mask the bitter taste of the coffee. The Starbucks version of the green coffee beverage is available canned so it can be stored in your fridge until you are ready for it.

While I don't endorse any weight loss supplements, much less those that claim "burning fat fast and easy", I was really pleased to see the news about green coffee - I like the idea of a totally natural, non-hyped, clinically studied weight loss supplement and the fact that the green coffee doesn't have any unpleasant side effects. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for products that feature the extract in my grocery store and drug store.

This article is a contribution by biologist Matthew Denos who is a natural weight loss advocate. In his website, he features a popular meal plan and diet reviews. Like Adrian, Matthew believes that any diet plan you can stick to without suffering or using all your will power is the best diet plan for you. Being a former researcher in the academia, Matthew keeps up with the scientific literature and enjoys sharing the latest findings on natural healing, diets, nutrition, and weight loss programs.


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