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You'll do the same at-home workouts Chris used to lose 137 pounds in 7 months and Rachel did to lose 150 pounds…

Hi Adrian, Thanks to your workout video I lost 137 lbs. in 7 months going from 314-to-177 lbs. No more shopping in a giant size people boutique just to get my clothes. Please continue to help a lot of people and be a hero!Chris Naga
Adrian, I do so many different workouts of yours at home & I'm down 150 pounds. Stick to his workouts and transform your body. We got this!!Rachel Rivera

You can eat whatever you like and Lose 132 Pounds fast like Edward did on the NowLoss Diet or like Jammy who lost 81 pounds in 6 months eating delicious apple pies…

Here's the results of your workouts & Nowloss Diet plan. Thank you Sir Adrian!! I hope you continue to help people look good naked.Edward Caezar Pababero
I believe in the NowLoss Diet because I could eat Apple pie and custard every evening LOL - I lost 91lbs over 6 months Jammy Burrell

You can use the same diet trick Sue used to lose 124 pounds or the water trick Paul used to lose 75 pounds…

Hi, Adrian! My weight loss had slowed until I read about your diet trick. I am 5'7" & I have lost 124 pounds going from 272-to-148 pounds Sue Ellen Holmes
Hey Adrian, Your tips and motivation helped me achieve this. The biggest rule I followed was your water tip which I still do to this day. Your other food tips also made my metabolism go up and then the weight just fell off. Paul Adams

If you have a weight loss emergency you can use the 911 Diet to lose almost ONE pound a day like Dale who lost 22 pounds in 23 days or like Fiona who lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks before her vacation…

Adrian, I did 911 Emergency Diet to make weight for the military I lost 22 lbs. in 23 days. Thanks for helping me make my weigh in!Dale Mathis
Adrian, My confidence is way up and I feel great before my Stateside vacation. I get to wear a bikini instead of a suit this time!!! Fiona Davies

You can Instantly make your belly flatter doing the short 60 second belly workouts or get a smaller waist with a broomstick like Nayeli who lost 11 inches off her waistline.

Thank u for your amazing videos. I have lost a total of 11 inches off my waist alone.Nayeli Espinoza

Backed by science: Research shows you'll Burn 48% more belly fat, Lose 3x more weight, Increase your fat burning hormones by 450% & Burn 36% more fat while you sleep using my Fat Loss DVDs &…

Even I Lost 44 Pounds in less than 3 months

Who Am I?

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If you don't lose at least 15 pounds in 60 days Because…

I'm so confident that even if you don’t do the workouts you'll still lose at least 15 lbs. JUST from using the diet tips but if you also worked out then you may quickly Lose 20 pounds in ONE WEEK like Kayla…

I lost 20 pounds all thanks to you and your videos in only 1 week. I'm amazed at the results that i got in a week. Thank you so much you have saved my life!Kayla Petroff

Other than the NowLoss DVDs getting damaged during shipping I've never had to refund anyone for not being able to lose at least 15 pounds.

In the very unlikely case you don’t lose at least 15 pounds in 60 days, just prove to me you've gave the workouts and/or the diet tips an honest try and I'll gladly double your money back so basically…

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Only $37 to Look Better Naked

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Lost 120 Pounds Doing My Bed Sheet Workouts

Did your Bed sheet work out 4 days per week, Down 120 lbs. Pure determination & good old fashioned hard work! Never quit!!Robert Leischker

She Became a Model

Hello Adrian, I refused to let my hubby see my lumpy cellulite thighs and fat tummy so I started working out at home with your DVDs and was determined to keep the fat off for good. After losing over 50 lbs. I got back to what I love… modeling part time & I get to be told how young I look at 38, this is the best news ever !! Nozibele Meindl

Has Metabolic Disease But Still Easily Loses 125 Pounds

Adrian, You are a real angel! I've lost 125 pounds in one yr and 9 days! Your DVD rocks, and so do u! It was exceptionally hard for me being I have a metabolic disease called PCOS but I'm living proof of how easy it is to lose weight despite my condition if you JUST FOLLOW WHAT ADRIAN SAYS EXACTLY AND YOU TOO WILL LOOSE THE WEIGHT!Lisa Liebergott-Council

Maintains 104 Lb. Weight Loss Eating Bad Foods

I lost 104+ pounds doing your workouts but now that my metabolism has sped up I haven't been exercising for 6 months and been eating some bad foods and only gained 7lbs!! Thanks again god blessLee Thurston

Answers to Your Questions

How fast will I lose weight?

The more overweight you are = the faster you'll lose weight.

You'll lose the most weight in your first 1-to-3 months and then afterwards your weight loss rate will slow down as you get closer to your weight loss goal.

For example…

  • You're more likely to Lose your first 30 pounds in less than 30 days like James…
30 days, 30 lbs. & 6 inches off waist. Thank you for your motivation!!!! Yes, please use my photos, maybe it will inspire someone else.James Burns‬
  • But it may take you more than 30 days to lose your last 15 stubborn pounds like Marlene…
I now weigh 115 pounds after using Adrian's plan to lose your last 10 poundsMarlene Paiva
Where can I see more before & after success stories?
Click here to see them all but there's a lot of them.
What studies prove your FatLoss DVDs work

8 Studies

1. You'll Triple Your Fat Loss

People lost 3x more fat doing ONLY 20 minutes of the type of workouts on my Fat Loss DVDs 3 days a week than people doing 40-minute steady pace cardio workouts like walking everyday. View study

They lost three times more weight as people who exercised at a continuous, regular pace for 40 minutesUNSW Associate Professor Steve Boutcher

2. 36% More Fat Loss

In the 2 weeks after you’ve already tripled your fat loss with my Fat Loss DVDs you’ll increase your capacity to burn fat by another 36%! View study

3. Lose 48% More Belly Fat

Study after study shows you'll lose more belly fat with the workouts from my DVDs than any other weight loss workouts (this study confirms you'll lose 48% more belly fat)

Research indicates its more effective at reducing subcutaneous and abdominal body fat than other types of exercise UNSW Associate Professor Steve Boutcher

4. 450% More Fat Burning Hormones

The workouts from my DVDs will increase your adrenaline & HGH by up to 450%. Just look at study after study after study after study before you take my word for it and according to fitness researcher Phil Campbell…

The type of workouts I'll have you doing is 2x more effective for fat loss than you actually injecting expensive Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in your body.

5. Less Hunger

Studies show you'll eat less calories for up to 38 hours after doing my workouts because hunger hormones like Ghrelin will be suppressed and less hunger = you'll eat less which = You'll lose weight much faster.

6. Lose More Weight While You Sleep

You'll lose more weight, burn more calories and have a much higher fat burning metabolism while sleeping or resting in the 24 hours after doing the workouts from my Fat Loss DVDs vs. any other type of workouts as proven in this study and this study confirms you'll burn at least an extra 225 calories after you've finished one of my workouts.

7. Proof My Diet Trick Works

One of the diet tricks I show you will increase the fat burning hormone HGH by 1300% in women & 2,000% in men. View study

8. You can eat whatever you want

I’m not joking when I say you can have your cake, eat it & still lose weight because I show you how to do so on the Fat Loss DVDs and This study confirms you'll lose weight no matter what you eat.

Mark Haube, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University lost 27 pounds in 2 months eating things like Twinkies, Oreos & Doritos To further prove that it does not matter WHAT you eat when you're trying to lose weight.

What exactly do I get?

You get 3 DVDs with all my fat loss workouts, diet plans, diet tricks & as a bonus you'll also get videos to flatten your belly and get rid of your love handles.

Can I get a preview of what I'm getting?

Yes, you can go thru the playlist below to get an idea of how you'll be losing weight…

The only difference with the DVDs is there are no commercials, better quality, no interruptions due to slow internet & etc.

When will I get the Fat Loss DVDs after ordering?
  • Within a week if you live in the USA
  • Up to 2-to-3 weeks if ordering outside of the USA
How Can I Contact You If I Have More Questions?

Only $37 to Look Better Naked

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