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How to do drop sets or extended sets to build more muscle…

In a drop set or extended set - what you do is…

A drop set helps you build more muscle (and get stronger) by…

Making you do more reps in a set and… Since drop sets are so intense…

You should only do 1-to-2 drop sets at the end of your workouts so for example…

Anytime you do a drop set - You want to stop dropping the weight once you reached 70% of the weight you started with so if you start off with 200 pounds - your drop set should be over once you do as many reps as you can with 140 pounds and…

Also Make sure that you take off at least 10-to-20 pounds or 5-to-10% each time you lower the weight in the drop set so don't do a drop set like 200-to-195-to-190-to-185 and do a drop set that's more like 200-190-175-150-140 and…

If you still have no idea of how to do a drop set - or just want to see how a drop set is done in action - play the video below…

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There are 13 comments

Can i do drop sets for an entire workout?

June 24, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you could but what workout are you doing

June 24, 2015

Arif Basher

Hey Adrian,

Arif here from India. How should I perform dropsets. Is it mandatory to start with heavy weight and then drop the weights accordingly. Can I use it starting with weights Iam comfortable with and increase weights with each sets and then drops . Is it useful . Please advise how should I use dropsets and how many times per exercise per week.

Appreciate your reply.


June 04, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you can use a weight where you are comfortable with using for about 8-12 reps and then drop to a lower weight afterwards but no...

you do not have to start off with an extremely heavy weight when doing drop sets

June 04, 2015


when should drop sets to be performed
can i adopt drop sets for two different workout on same day

March 19, 2013



March 19, 2013

Adrian Bryant

perform them usually towards the end or last 1-to-2 sets of a workout and yes they can be used for 2 different exercises or bodyparts

March 19, 2013


Hi Adrian! I've been doing for about 3 months the pyramid workout to gain a bigger lower half, specially my butt, doing it twice a week. I do a plan A and a plan B, each one of them with 3 different exercises, 4 sets/12-6 rep. So about that i have a doubt, should i do only one plan, and than doing twice a week or do way i do it it's better for gains?
I also do before each exercises, so 3 per workout, 2 series/ 15-20rep, of pre-exhaust exercise, like butt bridge, which i'm already doing for more than 6 months. And i had results in the begining, but i think i've hit a plateau about 2 months ago.
So do i think i should stop, for now, doing these pre-exhaust exercises? I was thinking in stop doing them but doing something help to help me grow, like drop-sets.
But i have some doubts about them:
- For how many time can i do them? Since it can lead to overtraining.
- Can i do them twice a week in every exercise? In other in the 6 exercises that i have?
- From what i've read, we should only do 2 drop-sets, it's the ideal right? So from what i said to you, how do you think i should do my sets? I begin doing like 100lbs/6 rep, 90lbs/8 rep and 80lbs/10rep? And what's the max of rep we should do with drop sets?

I'm very confused, i'm sorry!

August 23, 2012

Adrian bryant

which exercises are you doing exactly for your butt other than the high rep butt bridges?

it sounds like you may be either doing too much with very little rest days.

August 24, 2012


Right now i'm doing in plan A: single leg deadlift, reverse lunges and hyper extensions. On plan B: single leg butt bridges, good mornings and adduction(with a dumbbell near to my foot). I change my workout every 8 weeks and i only do each of the plans once a week. It's been working very well..until now! I'm stuck in 41inches (+/-) butt for almost 2 months.
And i would really like to know if i can do drop sets for all my exercises, and for how long can i do them without overtraining.
I was thinking in doing 2 sets with pyramid and 2 sets with drop sets, for example..10rep - 6rep - dropset- dropset.
I read that the dropset 50 or 6-20, it's one of the bests to gain muscle mass.

August 25, 2012

Adrian Bryant

switch to this plan here but use only the hips thrust OR butt bridge and make sure you are using heavier weights.

how much weight did you use with the single leg butt bridge

August 26, 2012


I'm sorry but, i'm much more advanced than that, i'm doing heavy weights for almost 9 months now, i grew a lot, i just want to continue to grow! I've already done hip thruts and single leg butt bridges, which i do with 110lbs on each leg..so i'm not kidding anymore about weights!
I just need to do different techniques to shock my muscles! So what i really need to know, which you didn't answered to me yet, is:
- How much rep can i do with drop sets (range of rep), if can be over 12?
- If i can do them in 3 exercises for my lower half, 2 times a week or is it too much?
- And for how long can i do them, without overtraining?

If you could please answer to me today, because i'm starting drop sets today, and i just want to know those 3 answeres.

Thank you so much!

August 27, 2012

Adrian bryant

For the drop set or each drop... do up to 12 reps plus you should never go below than 70% of the weight you're using.

If you've been at it for 9 months now then once a week should be fine UNLESS you are able to increase the intensity of the next workout by doing more weight, reps and/or sets.

If you get to a point where you can't increase intentsity then you'll need to take extra days or weeks off

August 27, 2012

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