These 6 Weight Loss Diets DO NOT Work

1. Cabbage soup diet

cabbage soup diet

Experts claim that the cabbage soup diet doesn't render long-term results. Basically, it is just a quick fix you should follow 7 days in a row. Afterwards, you can go back to your regular routine.

The diet implies eating as much cabbage soup as you want for 7 days together with vegetables and fruits. Followers of the cabbage soup diet mentioned that weight loss is guaranteed, although in 7 days you lose mostly water and not body fat.

As soon as you go back to your old routine, those pounds will find their way back on your body.

2. The Grapefruit Diet

grapefruit diet

Built around the idea of limiting calories, the grapefruit diet also involves taking out certain foods of your daily regimen. The diet has been around for decades and it includes eating non-starchy veggies, certain types of meats and fish, black coffee, and of course, grapefruit and unsweetened grapefruit juice.

Based on the principle that the grapefruit has fat-burning qualities, this plan is extremely unhealthy. Even though it is an excellent source of dietary fiber and vitamin C, there's no science to support the claims made.

Basically the weight loss is triggered by the lack of calories. It's as simple as that!

3. HCG Diet

Another diet that's been around since the 50s is the HCG diet. Dieters are allowed to consume only 500 calories a day, which is not enough for the body to function properly throughout the day.

Coupled with caloric restrictions and HCG (human choriogonadotropin hormone) injections, this diet claims fast results. Apparently, the weight loss is stimulated by the hormone.

Considering that the body receives only 500 calories a day, it's safe to assume that this is one of the most dangerous diets women can opt for.

4. Lemon Detox Diet

lemon diet

The Lemon Detox diet doesn't permit dieters to eat solid foods. In the long term, this can be extremely dangerous to the health. The diet involved consuming only water with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

It shouldn't be followed for more than 10 days. Considering that solid food is restricted, dieters will lose a lot of muscle mass too. In spite of the potential effects of this diet, it is without a doubt extremely unhealthy.

5. Cookie Diet

The cookie diet involves consuming 6 cookies daily, plus whatever you want for dinner. This plan is not sustainable because the total caloric intake is roughly 800 calories, which is not enough for the proper functioning of the body.

Throughout the day the body is deprived of essential nutrients, and even if you may lose weight, you won't be able to adhere to this plan for more than a few days.

At some point you'll give up, and the moment you start eating normal food again those lost pounds will come back faster than you anticipated.

6. Paleo Diets

Paleo diets involve eating foods that men in the Paleolithic age used to eat; the food was gathered or caught and it basically includes: seafood, eggs, fish, fruits, nuts and seeds.

As a first glimpse there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with this diet; sadly, the raw food we consume today is packed with chemicals and pesticides. It's not wild anymore, and in various scenarios it can do more harm than good.

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