60 free Diet plans for gaining muscle mass (or to gain weight)…

  1. 7 step diet plan to gain muscle mass
  2. UC San Diego Intercollegiate Athletics 3000-3600 Calorie Meal Plan
  3. 3500 calorie Sample Muscle Building Diet:
  4. Sample 3,500 Calorie Bodybuilding Diet
  5. 8-meal a day mass gain plan
  6. 3 Sample Meal Plans For the Perfect Bodybuilding Diet
  7. Sample Weight Gain Meal Plan (8 Meals/Day)
  8. Meal Plan to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle
  9. 3 days of Bodybuilding Sample Meal Plans
  10. Sample Mass Gain Diet Plan:
  11. Sample Meal Plan to burn fat & maintain muscle
  12. Sample burn fat & maintain muscle diet plan for men & women
  13. Maximum Fat Burning / Maintain muscle Diets for men & women
  14. muscle Gain/Fat Burning Diets
  15. Bulk Up…High Calorie Weight Gainer
  16. Sample bodybuilding diet to lose body fat and maintain lean muscle mass.
  17. bodybuilding / mass gain sample meal plan
  18. 4000 Calorie Bodybuilding MAss-Gain Diet Plan
  19. 2500 & 3500 calorie Sample Muscle Building Diet Plan
  20. A 3000 calorie Muscle-Building Meal Plan
  21. 3000 Calorie diet for a Lean Bodybuilder
  22. 3000 calorie Base Muscle Building Diet:
  23. Maximuscle 1400 calorie meal plan
  24. Maximuscle 1500 calorie meal plan
  25. Maximuscle 1600 calorie meal plan
  26. Maximuscle 1900 calorie meal plan
  27. Muscle Weight-Gain Program: 2300-Calorie Meal Plan
  28. 2500 calorie muscle building diet
  29. Muscle Weight-Gain Program: 2600-Calorie Meal Plan
  30. Muscle Weight-Gain Program: 2800-Calorie Meal Plan
  31. 3000 Calorie Weight Gain Diet Plan

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1-35 of 49 Comments

Heyy Adrian,
Im 18 yrs old Male.
My height is 5'4 and weight is 58kgs.
I've started doing gym since last 1 year bt when i don't see any results so i left it every 2-3 months.
Please suggest me what to do.

September 09, 2017

Adrian Bryant

u do this

September 09, 2017


Hi i'm a male 5'4 height and 19 years old, my weight is 50 kg i want to know what diet you recommend to gain more weight. Thanks.

April 08, 2017


Hey, I am 20 years old, my height is 5'6" and my weight is 57 kgs. I am skinny. I would like to gain muscle mass for I am in the military and burn a good amount of calories. I also have a pretty fast metabolism. Could you help with a proper plan (diet/workout). Thank you for the help

October 28, 2016


Hi Adrian Bryant,
I am 17 years old boy and my boy weight is 50 kg height is 172 cm.
I tried lot of meal plan but it doesn't work it and every day i travel 4 km in cycle i can't go for gym because of my studies.
Every one say why you look so skiny.
i expected to increase my weight as 65 kg and also body size.
please help me.

August 13, 2015

Adrian Bryant

go here

August 14, 2015


Would like to know the best diet plan for the workout i am doing on your website to get a bigger butt

August 10, 2015

Adrian Bryant

this diet

August 11, 2015

harman singh

i am 16 year old ,height 173 cm and weight 50 kg.
i am using a weight gainer but it does not work. i also do cycling for 12 km every day can you suggest me a diet plan to gain weight (Indian diet plan).
thank you

June 25, 2015

Adrian Bryant

go here

June 25, 2015


I am not sure with weight gainer.
Eat 2 bananas in mrng
Dont eat phulka (it will reduce weight)
Drink a lot water( But not before meal)
Eat any friuts in between breakfast and lunch.
Do 10 push up per day(increase if u like)
1-3 eggs

December 13, 2015


Hii adrian.
I m 180 cm and 165 pound. I have been following your 3000 cal meal plan.
Shall i continue it a year or when shall i change it.
Pls also suggest me, when to take whey protein, mass gainer creatine and glutamine.

May 19, 2015



I'm 21, male, 6'2" and a 165 pounds. I want gain as much mass as I can on 5 day a week training schedule (2,1,3,1). I am not concerned about staying particularly lean, I just want to gain as much size as possible. Any diet you could recommend for me would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

February 02, 2015

Adrian Bryant

start here

February 02, 2015


I am 4'11 and weigh around 98 pounds. I've been going to the gym for about a month, 4 times a week, for two hours each time and mostly trying to build muscle and gain weight to have a fuller body shape. Which diet do you recommend for me?

Thank you.

October 17, 2014

Adrian Bryant

go here

October 17, 2014


Hello: I'm a 55 year old female @ 5'8 and 155 lbs. Need to lose fat and put on muscle. Which plan is correct for me. Already have a gym and personal trainer, but need help with the food aspect. Thanks very much!

June 19, 2014

Adrian Bryant

this plan

June 19, 2014


I see some comments where people are mentioning a DVD you have. How do I get this DVD?

Thanks for your help.

June 20, 2014

Adrian Bryant

not anymore but Iam dveloping a new 3 DVD that will go on sale soon

June 22, 2014



Male 184cm 77.5 kgs!
Workout daily ( legs + Chest & shoulder + back & biceps + triceps + 2 days of cardio (30 mins - avg 350 calories burn )

Been thinking of taking Mass Gainers to gain muscle mass.

Can you please suggest a proper diet & workout plan?


November 08, 2013


hi adrain
I m 19 yr old(men) and my height is 5'8'' and weight is 55kgs and want to become fit as proper muscles and proper chest and aps but firstly I m focusing on my height and want to become at least 5'11''.
so please suggest me for proper diet and exercise for maintaining all these things.
also please confirm me whether I go to gym or not,if I want to increase the height at the same time......??
please give me the proper guidence

July 04, 2013

Adrian Bryant

go here for a lot more mass and see this to get taller

July 05, 2013


hey i am 20 year old and my weight is 62kg how i gain the weight gave best diet chart my blood group is b+

May 31, 2013

deepan nandi2014@sims.edu

m 23 yrs old 178 cm 67 kgs
going to gym regularly to gym for 5 months
I want a proper diet plan to look muscular

April 16, 2013

Adrian Bryant

then go here

April 17, 2013


Hi, Im 22, my height is 205 cm and i weight only 80kg and finally decided to start at the gym, im looking for a diet plan to gain weight (and im talking about getting up to 110kg)... any help or guidance towards ma goal be much appreciated.

March 29, 2013

Adrian Bryant

here you go

March 29, 2013


I am 22 yrs old male, height 5'9 and weight 62 kg. I am of a thin frame, i would like to gain more mass to look healthy , i dont go to gym. Could you please suggest me a proper diet chart .

March 29, 2013

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