Can the Right Kind of Bed Indirectly Improve the Way You Look?

We are always trying to do different things to improve our looks and increase our health in order to feel better about ourselves and to reach our fullest potential. There are so many different things we can do that affect the way we look, whether it is eating right, exercising, wearing the right clothes or accessories, keeping proper hygiene routines, or just doing the things we love.

But one thing that can make a huge difference is getting regular good night's sleep. We are going to share how getting a good bed can indirectly improve your looks.

1. Sleep Deprivation is Common

So many people suffer from aching backs or sore muscles when they wake up, and there are those who deal with insomnia or restless sleep. There are many reasons that society's sleep remains interrupted or unsatisfying, and the statistics are startling.

62% of adults in the U.S. struggle with sleep several times a week; over 100 million Americans suffer from either sleep apnea, insomnia or restless leg syndrome; and 29% of adults report getting 6 hours or less of sleep a night, which is two hours less than what is healthy. It has slowly become a part of our routine, and bad sleep turns into the norm.

There is a danger with this, however. Statistics show that $18 billion are lost to employers from suffering productivity due to lack of sleep. Studies have also shown that over 40,000 car accidents occur annually from drivers falling asleep at the wheel. As the habit of sleeping badly infiltrates our society, it creates more variables than we even know.

2. Lack of Sleep Affects How You Look

There are definitely ways that lack of sleep can affect society. But it also makes a difference in the individual life of each person. Many studies have taken place where a group of individuals had pictures taken of them after a good night and a bad night's sleep to prove if it makes a difference in how a person looks.

For the first picture, the volunteers went home and slept a full 8 uninterrupted hours. For the second, they were forced to stay up for 31 hours and then sleep 5 hours or less. Each time their picture was taken was in the same lighting, with the same hairstyle, no makeup and a neutral expression.

When individuals who weren't aware of the sleep differences saw the pictures, they voted on the most attractive choice, and the winners were consistently the well-rested pictures. Sleep deprivation can affect how your face looks through giving you redder eyes, dark circles, wrinkles, droopy eyelids, and just generally a more weary and sad look than someone who has good sleep regularly.

3. A Better Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep

Controversy has gone on in studies about whether or not your mattress can make a difference in improving your sleep. But it is definitely true. Especially for people with physical issues, such as a bad back or rheumatoid arthritis, having good support while sleeping can be vital to one's health.

Sometimes it can be hard trying to figure out what mattress is good for you. You may try one on in the store when you're awake and feel a big difference, but the true test comes into play when you are actually sleeping. REM sleep (or "Rapid Eye Movement") is the deepest stage of sleep, when our body completely relaxes.

A mattress may affect someone differently when their body is relaxed completely through sleep then when they are still in their controlled state of being awake. But a mass study done in 2012, using 128 subjects sleeping on 7 different kinds of mattresses for 4 weeks each, showed how much a good mattress can really improve the sleep of the user.

4. A Better Mattress Improves Your Looks

Ultimately, finding a mattress that has the correct support and firmness for the owner can make a big difference. When you are able to purchase a good mattress that matches up just right with your body when you sleep, that support will affect the amount and quality of sleep that you get.

Sleep deprivation can be cut down, and restlessness is lessened. Through this change, it allows for more nights of good and solid rest. And as studies have shown multiple times, good rest makes a vast difference in the way a person looks.

So for somebody who is having trouble getting comfortable on their mattress, not only can a new one make them feel physically better and rested, but the quality sleep they get will start to brighten their face, lighten their eye wrinkles and circles, and give them a fresher, more radiant expression. Thus, a good bed can indirectly affect how you look.

So as you seek different areas in your life to change so that you can continue to grow in health and happiness, remember that adjusting the way you sleep and taking care of yourself at night really does impact your life in fantastic ways. Visit the Reverie Sleep Science Center to Learn More

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