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Adrian, I've Lost Just 9 Pounds in 12 Days. PLEASE tell me what else I can do to speed things up a bit!Gregory Keogh

Adrian's Plan Has 3 Sections

1. Eat Pizza, Get Lean
the HOW TO EAT section

DO NOT Exercise
Because, You'll Lose Weight Fast ONLY Using the 'How to Eat' Section. The other 2 Sections Just help you Lose weight even faster!

2. Wake Up Slimmer Every Morning
the HOME FAT LOSS section

38 Home Fat Loss Workouts Like This↓

I've lost 191.8 Lbs. & still losing with your Ski-Step & Jumping Jack workouts. When my brother was in high school, he wrestled at 189 so I basically lost him.Taushina Eagle

Or like this ↓

Ok, I did try this workout last night and Lost 3 lbs. by the next day and about to hit it again tonight! Thank you!Kim Yates-England

3. Lose 20 Lbs. of Belly Bloat
the FLAT STOMACH section

lost 20 in 1 week
This works! My son and I have been doing this every day for a week and it is already showing a difference in our stomachSwanson Lisa

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