13 Ways to Get Rid of Muscle Soreness After a Workout

1. Eat right

Your sore muscles need mainly protein along with carbs & fats to repair itself so whether you're working out to gain muscle or lose weight…

You also need to drink lots of water (at least a liter of water a day) because if you get dehydrated then your muscle soreness and muscle cramps will increase.

2. Ice

Ice helps reduce the inflammation in your sore muscles and…

It's best to start using ice mostly in the first 2 days after a tough workout where you think you may end up having a significant amount of muscle soreness to minimize muscle soreness and then after those first 2 days of icing your sore muscles for 15-to-30 minutes at a time…

You can then start to include many of the other 9 ways below to help reduce muscle soreness by increasing circulation.

3. Active recovery

Active recovery basically means that you stay active even though you're still sore but you're not going to stay active by doing the same exact activity that got you sore in the first place - but instead…

You're going to stay active by doing an activity that is a LOT LESS Intense than the activity that caused your muscle soreness so for example…

Active recovery gets rid of muscle soreness & stiffness by stimulating blood flow & improving circulation to the muscles without overexerting your already sore muscles.

4. Rest

Aside from active recovery…

Common sense should already tell you to rest or not do the same tough workout too often until your sore muscles have fully recovered so If you're trying to lose weight…

5. Massage

Massage works the tension out of sore muscles and if you can afford it…

Invest in ART (Active Release Technique) massage therapy to quickly reduce muscle soreness but chances are your are not a pro athlete so in most cases…

Having a friend or your spouse massage your sore muscles will be enough and if you can't find a partner…

Using an electric handheld massager, a Massage Stick or Foam Roller will be good enough but whatever massage technique you use…

You can massage the muscle for up to 20 minutes to help reduce soreness after a tough workout.

6. Heat

Heat will get rid of muscle soreness by bringing more blood to the sore area helping speed up recovery and Heat gets rid of stiffness while relaxing your muscles and…

You can easily apply heat to your sore muscles for about 10 minutes by taking a hot bath or shower, using heat packs, sauna or hot tub

7. Alternate Ice & Heat treatments

You can switch back-and-forth applying ice & heat over a specific time period to get the best of both worlds where you reduce inflammation with ice and then you increase blood flow to your sore muscles with heat to speed up recovery and…

8. Epsom salt baths

Bathing in a warm bath for 10-to-20 minutes with 200-to-400 grams of Epsom salt added relaxes your sore muscles, decreases inflammation by increasing the blood flow to your muscles and as an added bonus… Epsom salt baths also prevents bloating helping you get a flatter stomach and if taking a bath is not an option then…

Soaking a rag in warm water with Epsom salt added and then placing the warm rag over the sore muscle will also help reduce muscle soreness.

9. Ginger

According to a study where people took ginger 8 days before a tough workout… The Ginger helped reduce muscle soreness by 25%

10. Take Arnica Pills

When 82 marathon runners took 5 Arnica Pills twice a day on the day before, the day of, and 3 days after their marathon race they had less soreness than the marathon runners who didn't take arnica pills

11. Take CoQ10

CoQ10 or coenzyme Q10 is very important for muscle cell function and according to a study done at Stony Brook University Health Sciences Center… You can reduce your soreness by 50% when taking 100mg of CoQ10 daily.

12. Cherry Juice

Scientist believe that the flavonoids & anthocyanins in Cherry Juice is what helps prevents muscle soreness and…

At least 2 British studies have shown that cherry juice speeds up recovery from intense exercising.

13. Cuddle?

Cuddle to beat soreness

5 facts about preventing muscle soreness…

1. You really can't avoid muscle soreness

More than likely you will always have some degree of muscle soreness after a tough workout like Intervals or muscle building workouts but…

The degree of your muscle soreness will vary depending on your fitness level so if you're in great shape…

You may have very little or NO MUSCLE SORENESS at all after tough workouts while on the other hand if you are not in good shape…

You may have to take many days off while using some of the 12 ways to get rid of muscle soreness above.

2. Muscle soreness usually comes after new workouts

Even if you're already in good shape you will more than likely always get sore after trying a new workout or exercise that your muscles are not used to.

3. Muscle soreness usually comes after long layoffs

If you haven't worked out in a long time then you can generally expect to be sore after your first tough workout and…

The only way to prevent or minimize soreness after a long layoff is to gradually work your way back up to the level of intensity you were at before you took your long layoff.

4. There is no need to take Anti-inflammatory Meds for muscle soreness

Anti-inflammatory medications like Motrin, ibuprofen, Aleve and Advil may help relieve some of the discomfort of muscle soreness but studies show that anti-inflammatory medications can delay recovery.

5. There is no evidence that stretching is good for muscle soreness

Stretching may be good for preventing injuries before workouts but Recent studies show that stretching does not make a difference in preventing or reducing muscle soreness.

Make sure you also see…

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There are 34 comments

I have started working out at the gym since day before yesterday. I am experiencing pain in my entire body. Some workouts which I did in those two days are, leg press, leg curls, bench press, push ups, pull ups, lat pull, dumb bell, cables and pulleys. And around 30 minutes of uphill cycling. How do I recover from pain faster and should I go to the gym with sore muscles or is it better to stay at home till pain goes away ?

February 03, 2016

Adrian Bryant

use the tips on this page to fight soreness but for weights/muscle workouts you want to give your muscles at least 2-to-3 days off between workouts

February 04, 2016


Sir I joined gym day before yesterday. When I was working out, I didnt feel as if I am doing excessive workout. But now after two days of workout my biceps are paining. Should I continue my workout or take rest

January 27, 2016

Adrian Bryant

depends on what workout you did and what workout you are planning to do next?

January 27, 2016


Hello sir i joinex gym since 2 weeks and i am left handed. Now i have pain in my right arms muscle so i cant complete my sets equally by both hands. Plrase help me ti get rid of this problem.

November 03, 2015

Adrian Bryant

what exercises are you doing

November 03, 2015

Tifany T

I just completed my very first day at the gym yesterday with a personal trainer and I can barely walk due to sore muscles from my abs to my calfs. my thighs are so sore I can't even go up one step without wincing. My next session is tomorrow but I will be in to much pain to do anything. I already prepaid at $75 a pop so skipping is not an option for me. What can I do today to prepare for tomorrow morning?!?! Need help fast!!! Which of the aforementioned strategies do you suggest?!?!

April 25, 2015

Aniruddh C

Hello,Tiffany..I maybe late in replying, but the best thing to do is keep on using those muscles,but in a very limited way. Ask the instructor to make you do basic and simple excercises,so that your muscles don't get stiff,and they maintain their shape.(and you save your money)

June 12, 2015


I have serious back injury I have a double disc in my lumbar spine and plus degenerated disc in L5 S1 what should I do I always have pain and stiffness when I wake up or exercise plz do help me

January 30, 2015

Adrian Bryant

have you seen a doctor about that?

January 30, 2015


Hi, my dad had this where his discs in his spine were degenerating and he now only jas one disc left and isnt supposed to walk, they call it degenerative spinal disorder or something but i suggest taking it easy and not doing anything too strenuous when it comes to that as i have seen how bad it can get, but dont let it defeat you! Just keep going, best way to deal with it:)

April 02, 2015


i was playing arm wrestling match while i got a "flexor muscle cramp" or you can say "Ulnar nerve injury". it's been a month ago. I could not found any cure. Now when i try to play arm wrestling match; i feel pain. How can i recover this cramp or injury.... if you know Tell me Please...... I want to play again as soon as possible.......

December 31, 2014

Adrian Bryant

have you seen a doctor about this?

January 01, 2015


Hello Sir Adrian :)
I recently started working out. My height is 5'5 and i weigh 82 kgs. I have this excruciating inner ankle pain and i really cant do your very effective ski steps or jumping jacks exercises but i really want to exercise real hard. So which exercise video of yours would you recommend to someone like me. Please tell me something that will make me sweat and burn a whole lot of calories as i am pretty active otherwise. Thanks :)

August 18, 2014

Adrian Bryant

see this for options

August 19, 2014


I am a dancer but was out of practice for a very long time...I started again n I have stiff thighs..I need to prepare for a routine n my legs have become a problem..how can I get rid of sore legs but fast

April 30, 2014

adrian bryant

apply the tips on this page to get rid of your soreness asap

May 01, 2014


My problem is that I went for a hike in the morning, then that night, two days ago, my sister wanted me to go skating. I can't skate, but I tried anyways, and now my entire body is bruised, and my right thigh feels like it's been beaten to a pulp. The rest of my muscles are fine, except for a bruised coccyx, but I really want my leg to stop hurting. It's not like I have the option of just not moving for a few days.

February 21, 2014


I use a golf ball muscle roller, it definitely helps my body be way less sore then before i used it. Anyone else have one? zzathletics.com

December 15, 2013


well i guess i should of read about severe muscle soreness prior to a new workout regimen,first thing i do is look for anti inflamatory's around the house,wrong mistake now it says it can delay my soreness even longer,i forgot i had no more protein so i ended up with these anti's,and they didn't do a damn thing,i think i went a lil overboard trying to keep up with my prison buddies,lol,lesson learned in life i guess...

November 09, 2013


Ice bath followed by eating a bunch of bananas an massaging the affected area. Potassium in bananas helps get rid of lactic acid in the muscles, massage draws blood to the area to aid recovery

August 19, 2013


Well today i did 100 pushups and i have basketball game and im sore ass hell someone help fast

May 10, 2013


I'm in soccer and I haven't been working out but we have been running 3 days in a row and up to 3 hrs and then we play soccer but my legs hurt so much I can barely walk what should I do?

March 14, 2013

Adrian Bryant

sounds like you need to take a day off

March 15, 2013


My problem seem to be funny. I have muscle sorness for quite no. of years. It is all related to my exposure to any wind or even normal air. Immediately muscles get stiff. Help pls.

February 26, 2013


Ice is definitely a great helper. I find the velcro ice packs are super good. They will chill the muscle best.

For beginner runners, we have a good program on our website

Thank you.

August 23, 2012


Or you could just take 4 advil and chill on the couch.

August 23, 2012

jana mae

true ha ha ha

January 25, 2013


im about to join the military and i want to get in shape and be ready for boot camp. i was reading that you got a free workout dvd. i need workout plan i can do and stay on top.

June 15, 2012

Adrian Bryant

go to nowloss.com/free to get it

June 17, 2012


you should tell me how the military turns out!!

May 01, 2013


Thanks for the free DVD, just got it today, I am very excited to start using the DVD, can you tell me...do I need to do atleast 6 workouts a day or just 2 interval cardio workouts three times a week to start losing fat. I am 50yrs old & 180lbs and 5'8'...just want to get down to about 160lbs. What is your advice, retired at home.

April 19, 2012

Adrian Bryant

use my dvd along with this plan here to answer all your questions

April 19, 2012


retired at 50! nice

August 16, 2013

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