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Adrian, I swear your fat loss plan is rigged because I Lost 7 Pounds in 4 Days Priscilla Kinnear

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Hello Adrian. How you doing bro? Your blog happened to be the first source that spurred me to enhance my home bodyweight workouts by figuring out how to include handstand pushups in them. I have been training at home for just under a year now. I know my problem is quite likely caused by lack of rest or challenge taking in enough calories from clean sources- it happens that I feel my weight has plateaued for couple months; my sleep times are also not at all regular and continuous. Particularly I was wondering what you would suggest to help build up thickness of arms. While I feel I can gain strength and gradually, somewhat gain mass on arms, if seems like they don't have much depth from top or front view.
Exercises currently being done: (wt'd front squats, wt'd pushups, pullups/chins, inverted rows, handstd PUs, basic bdywt ab work, hanging bicep curls, tricep-isolat'd dips). Thanks alot & may the gains be w/ you

October 27, 2015

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