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There are 5 comments

help I am 184 cm tall and weigh 101kg I have dropped a massive 14% body fat in the last 8 months and I'm down to 16% but I'm really struggling to shift the rest. I understand that diet is a massive part of my goal but I. have no real understanding of how I should be eating. so far I have cut out as much crap as possible and preparing food what I think are healthy. but this don't seem. to be working any more I am stuck and haven't changed for probably a month now. I need some real factual information on setting up a diet and how to count macros for me to achieve my goal of 8% if there is any one who can tell me a starting point eggs a book title and author that can help me that would be great as my fitness pal is just a tool and without me understanding the process and background of it all its is confusing. Please help me as I'm struggling and confused


April 02, 2014

Reshan Rashid

I am 16 years old. I look skinny.I'm 6ft tall and 60kg. Can I gain weight by food wich are not sooo expensive.The food must also be nutritious. I just want to gain only about 5 more kilos.

March 14, 2013

Adrian Bryant

you'll just simply need to eat 2500+ calories per day to gain weight

March 15, 2013

mahi ahlawat

how can I get 2500 calorie in pregnancy.

January 22, 2013

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