1400 calorie diet plans

  1. 1400 Calorie Meal Plan by Registered Dieticians
  2. 1400 calories per day recipes

    (200-240 calories/meal with a 38/38/24 ratio) - See more about calorie ratios here

  3. 1400 calorie Menu #1
  4. 1400 calorie Menu #2
  5. 1400 calorie Menu #3
  6. 1400 calorie Menu #4
  7. 1400 calorie Menu #5
  8. 1400 calorie Menu #6
  9. 1400 calorie Menu #7
  10. 1400 calorie Menu #8
  11. Week of Healthy Menus for 1200, 1400, 1700 & 2000 Calorie diets
  12. Seven Sample Menus for a 1400 Calorie Diet
  13. Muscle & Fitness hers 1400 & 2300 LOW/HIGH CALORIE MEAL PLANS
  14. 1400 Calorie Fat Loss Diet
  15. Completely Vegetarian Diet Plans

    1100, 1150, 1300, & 1400 calorie meal plans

  16. 7-day vegetarian diet plan by Dr Wynnie Chan
  17. 1400 Calorie diet plans
  18. 1450 Calorie diet plans
  19. Eating plan for 1400 calories
  20. Get Fit With Barbie 1400 calorie meal plans
  21. 1400 Calorie Diet Sample Plan
  22. 7-day 1400 Calorie Diet Menu
  23. A typical 1400 calories per day diet
  24. Five 1,400 Calorie Autumn Menus
  25. 1400 Calorie Combo Meal Plan
  26. 1400 Calorie Recipe Meal Plan
  27. 1400 Convenience Meal Plan
  28. Free 1400 calorie Diet Plan to Lose Weight
  29. POUNDS LOST Study Sample One-Day Menus 1400 calorie version

    These one-day menus represent the variations of a heart-healthy sample menu, illustrating differences among the four diets of the POUNDS study.

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There are 6 comments

when calculating how many calories I need to eat to lose weight, I am currently sedentary but will begin the interval workouts . So do I input how much I will be exercising to calculate the calories? Any help is greatly appreciated....

October 15, 2014

Adrian Bryant

go here to better understand how to figure that out

October 17, 2014


Hi Adrian

I'm not an over weight person and I don't really need to lose weight, what I'd like to do is tone and build muscle.. Not too much muscle though as I am quite petite.

I'm looking for a 7 day eating plan with as little calories as possible as well as affordable. Problem is, I live in south africa so half the items on the other plans make no sence to me?

Please could you help me?

Ps.. I'm I love with your website and workouts!!

February 08, 2014


do you have any gluten free menus?

July 31, 2013

Adrian Bryant

not yet. coming very soon

July 31, 2013

Incorrect please try again

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